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The Steel Age (6:00–6:99)[note] is the sixth named Age in the history of Thedas.

During a hunt in 5:99, Queen Madrigal of Antiva is found murdered with four steel swords plunged into her chest (the suspected work of the Antivan Crows). Haunted by dreams of Madrigal's assassination, Divine Theodosia I declares the Steel Age.[1][2]


  • 6:15 Steel: Dragons become nearly extinct due to hunting techniques first invented by the Pentaghast family of Nevarra. The Pentaghasts gain renown across Thedas as legendary dragon hunters.[3]
  • 6:32 Steel: Word of the Qunari invasion finally reaches the continent when Qunari ships land in Seheron and northern Rivain. The Qunari Wars begin and last for the remainder of the century, and most of the next one.[8][6]
  • 6:35 Steel: The Antivan city of Treviso is conquered by the Qunari.[9]
  • 6:42 Steel: The Qunari enjoy remarkable victories in the first phase of the war; by 6:42 they have conquered much of the Tevinter Imperium, Rivain, and Antiva and advance into the Free Marches.[6][10] They force everyone under their rule to convert to the Qun.[11]
BioWare canon
The following information is mentioned only in Dragon Age: Origins: Prima Official Game Guide. Certain portions of this publication, particularly the Traveler's Guide featured in the Collector's Edition, might not reflect currently established lore.

In the northern part of the continent, only Minrathous remains undefeated, although it is besieged by the Qunari.[6]

  • 6:50 Steel: The Avvar tribes gather under the warlord Balak and enter the Ferelden Valley in great numbers. The Bannorn is put to the torch.[7][10]
  • 6:52 Steel: The Avvar are driven out of Ferelden. The conflict causes one of the worst famines in Fereldan history. The relations between the Avvar and Ferelden remain strained in the following ages.[7][12]
  • 6:85 Steel: People under the Qunari occupation organize themselves and push back. Rebellions that break out in Tevinter manage to free the Imperium, and the Qunari forces start faltering.[6][14]
  • 6:99 Steel: Divine Hortensia III names the next age Storm, expecting a "storm of violence" to come upon Thedas.[14]


  • The "Ages" description in Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 1 page 21, erroneously describes every age starting with year 1 and ending with year 99, claiming the Glory Age took place between 2:1-2:99, the Towers Age between 3:1-3:99 etc. This is directly contradicted in the timeline within the same book, which cites the existence of 3:00 Towers, 4:00 Black, and 9:00 Dragon. Such a system would result in each age lasting ninety-nine years, not one hundred.