Stealing in the Market is a side quest in Leliana's Song DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Background Edit

The fence Bonny Lem has made a brisk business selling items you and Marjolaine liberate from the Orlesian aristocracy. But you never guaranteed the buyers would be allowed to keep them.

Steal back the three fenced collections to have some fun with the Fereldan merchants. After all, what kind of morally bankrupt person buys stolen goods?

Acquisition Edit

You start out with the quest in your journal at the very beginning of the campaign.

Walkthrough Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Leliana's Song.

There are three chests scattered in amongst the central market stalls in the center of the market district all of which contain items you must steal. The chests and the stolen items they contain are labeled:

Once one or more of these items have been obtained, Leliana may:


Havoc has been caused among the local merchants thanks to their vanishing merchandise.


The chests may contain gold and silver. The three fenced items can be sold for gold, or they may be planted elsewhere for an experience award:

  • Switching the three items between the three chests: 1250 xp.
  • Planting the three items on Guard Captain Eams: 750 xp. (also: partial completion of the requirements for the Vendetta achievement.)

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