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In Dragon Age: Origins, there are several profitable targets that yield high value items when pick-pocketed.

Lookup Table[]

Note: With each additional rank of Stealing, you can reduce the required Cunning by 5 points. You also need 5 less points per rank of Stealth (if in Stealth mode).
Town Location Target Item Cunning Notes
Ostagar King's Campsite Duncan One valuable item 38 (min. 32) Steal 2x: Once during the day, and again at night after Wilds. Items include Master Hale Rune, Master Silverite Rune, and Master Cold Iron Rune, as well as flawless grade small crystals and large crystals. There is also a very low chance to receive Grandmaster Runes and Brilliant Grade Crystals.

Note: Duncan has more than one preset group of Items you can steal from him. For example, there is a preset for runes and salves and one preset for potions and salves. Duncan's preset is random and it changes if you closes and then opens the game.

Ostagar Mage's Area Quartermaster Hardy's Belt§ Any Steal 2x: before and after Korcari Wilds
Lothering Outside Chantry Merchant Imperium Crossbow§ 20
Orzammar Proving Grounds Piotin Aeducan One valuable item and 2Gold 54
Orzammar Chamber of the Assembly
Orzammar Royal Palace
Proving Grounds
Vartag Gavorn Champion's Shield§ And one simple item 35 Steal 3x: once in each location
Orzammar Chamber of the Assembly Lord Pyral Harrowmont 2Gold 43Silver 9Bronze 55 When the king is being chosen
Orzammar Orzammar Commons Mines Commander Nugbane 40-45 pcPCMust use the workaround to acquire the crossbow, otherwise you will only receive standard dwarven loot
Orzammar Orzammar Royal Palace Bhelen Aeducan One valuable item or 3Gold - 4Gold 39 Can also steal random greater potions and a low chance for an Expert Hale Rune, Master Cold Iron Rune, or a Master Silverite Rune
Orzammar Shaperate Shaper Czibor Shaper's Amulet§ 55 Amulet: +2 Willpower
Orzammar Diamond Quarter Anwer Dace Thorn of the Dead Gods§ 55 After completing A Prince's Favor: The First Task.
Deep Roads Aeducan Thaig Anwer Dace Thorn of the Dead Gods§ 60 Before completing A Prince's Favor: The First Task
Deep Roads The Dead Trenches
Orzammar Diamond Quarter
Kardol 2Gold - 4Gold 70-74 Stealth + Improved Steal + 57 Cunning. Second attempt possible after completing A Paragon of Her Kind. Low chance for Expert Hale Rune, Expert Cold Iron Rune, Master Silverite Rune
Deep Roads Anvil of the Void Golem 3Gold 80
Deep Roads Anvil of the Void Branka One valuable item or 5Gold 0Silver 67Bronze 110 Possible loot: Expert Hale Rune, Expert Cold Iron Rune, Expert Silverite Rune, Large Flawless Crystals (Rare), Small Brilliant Crystals (Rare), Small Flawless Crystals, High-Range gems, Greater Health Poultice (Common), and Emerald Ring
Circle Tower Apprentice Quarters Greagoir One valuable item and Greagoir's Shield 50 pcPCMust use the workaround to acquire the shield, otherwise you will only receive generic loot.

Possible item (not limited to): Large Flawless Crystals (Rare), High-Range gems, (All kind) Greater salves, Greater Health Poultice (Common), and Emerald Ring

Known possible Flawless type are: Large Flawless Lightning Crystals, Large Flawless Spirit Crystals and Large Flawless Ice Crystal

Circle Tower Apprentice Quarters
Redcliffe Castle - Main Floor
First Enchanter Irving One valuable item 66 Can be pickpocketed once in the harrowing chamber. Again, after completing Broken Circle. Third attempt possible if the Circle is recruited to save Connor.

Possible loot includes: Expert Frost Rune, Expert Dweomer Rune, Expert Flame Rune, Expert Lightning Rune,

Denerim Market District Habren Tiara§ And 53Silver 45
Denerim Market District Master Ignacio One valuable item 58 Inside the Gnawed Noble Tavern it requires more skill than outside. You will typically get a high tier poison coating or trap
Denerim Gnawed Noble Tavern Master Ignacio One valuable item or between 3Gold & 4Gold 71 Possible loot: Journeyman Flame Rune, Journeyman Frost Rune, Journeyman Lightning Rune, Emerald Ring, Expert Frost Rune, Expert Lightning Rune, Diamond, Potent Health Poultice
Denerim The Pearl Sanga Headband 49
Denerim The Pearl Isabela One valuable item 58
Denerim Arl of Denerim's Estate
Arl of Redcliffe's Estate
Anora One valuable item or 3Gold - 4Gold 72
Denerim Arl of Redcliffe's Estate Riordan One valuable item 72
Redcliffe Castle Riordan's Room Riordan 5Gold 86Silver 93Bronze 73
Ruined Temple Mountain Top Kolgrim Chevalier's Mace and one valuable item or 2Gold - 4Gold 77 Must accept his offer in order to steal from him unless you have Master Stealing.

Possible loot: Grandmaster Dweomer Rune, Master Dweomer Rune, Grandmaster Paralyze Rune, Master Paralyze Rune, Grandmaster Slow Rune, Master Slow Rune, Emerald Ring, Diamond, greater resistance salves, Potent Lyrium Potion

Note: this very same loot is available if Kolgrim dies and can be obtained twice, once through stealing and once through fighting him.

Redcliffe Village Windmill Perth One valuable item After all battles have been completed.
Soldier's Peak Dog Large Bone After it is repaired.
Haven Twice: in Haven Chantry and at Ruined Temple Ferdinand Genitivi One valuable item 77 Expert Paralyze Rune, Freezing Coating, Flame Coating, Shock Coating, Shock Bomb, Fire Bomb possible
Soldier's Peak The bridge between the second floor and Avernus' tower. Avernus One valuable item 85 Expert Dweomer Rune, Journeyman Lightning Rune possible


§ = items that you always receive from the target.
One Valuable Item = a random item that includes items at least as valuable as Potent potions, runes (up to Grandmaster), high-end jewelry, or gold.


  • Stealing mechanics are explained on the main article's talk page.
  • Failed stealing attempts will have consequences and lead to random encounters.
  • Stealing from Orange/Yellow Enemies (Master Stealing) can yield very valuable loot. For example, stealing from the Ogres in the Brecilian woods yielded Clear and Flawless grade Crystals.