Static Charge is a mage ability from the Storm tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Electric Damage: 100% weapon damage
  • Shocked Duration: 6 seconds
  • Constitution on Unlock: +3

Notes Edit

  • Will only work on enemies directly targeting the mage
  • Inflicts effects at range, i.e. against ranged attackers, in addition to melee attackers
  • Will activate at any point in the enemy's attack animation when the mage uses any spell
  • Can inflict Paralyze on allies with friendly fire enabled, when using friendly fire abilities (e.g. Whirlwind) on the mage while casting a spell, or when attacking the enemy directly targeting the mage. Paralyze effect lasts two seconds, cannot be removed by Payback Strike or Roll with It

Bugs Edit

  • Applies Paralyze, instead of Shocked.
  • The applied Paralyze lasts 2 seconds, instead of 6 seconds.
  • Doesn't do any damage. An unofficial fix for pcIcon pcis available here.
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