Can you please spare some coin for a War Veteran?

In the Denerim Alienage the Warden can find a Starved Veteran. If the Warden decides to talk to him he'll say that he's a war veteran who fought at Ostagar and that he lost his foot in the battle. He'll also ask for money.

If he is given money he'll come back later and ask for more, but this time with a friend, Orphan Ollie, who states that he's an orphan. It's obvious that the Beggar's friend is not an orphan at all, stating that his mother is "especially dead." If they are given money once more, they will come back another time but this time with many more beggars, and they'll ask for money once more. You can point out the fact that one of the beggars are especially well dressed. At first, he says he found the clothes. He then admits to just simply hearing "there's free coin over here" and leaves. The veteran appears very grateful for all the money donated.

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