This article is about the longsword version of this item. For the greatsword, see Starfang (greatsword).

Starfang is a unique untiered weapon that requires the Warden's Keep DLC.



Starfang is obtained by bringing the Meteor Metal Ore found during The Crater World Map Encounter to Mikhael Dryden in Soldier's Peak after the completion of the Soldier's Peak quest. When you speak with Mikhael with the meteor ore in your inventory, you can ask him if he can forge a weapon for you out of it. He gives you a choice between making you a longsword or a greatsword. Choose carefully, as there is only enough ore for one weapon!


  • You can find the ore even if you do not have the DLC.
  • The item will not import over to Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
  • Starfang will grade down from Starmetal (Tier 8) to Dragonbone (Tier 7) if it was sold to certain vendors or stored in the unofficial Camp Merchant Chest (pcIcon pc - patch 1.04 confirmed).
  • Although Starfang itself wasn't included in Dragon Age II, it's model was reused for Perrin's Nail.
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