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Staff of the Primal Order is a unique staff in Dragon Age II.


Available at Bonny Lem's Wares in the Disused Passage (Docks) during Act 1 for 8Gold 82Silver 0Bronze.


  • One of the best staves to equip to mages specializing in Elemental spells during Act 1, especially against Qunari, templars, dragons, and the enemies faced during The Deep Roads Expedition, which are all highly susceptible to cold damage.
  • This staff's +14% cold damage effectively increases its own basic attack damage. Elemental Mastery can boost this even further, giving the staff a base damage and DPS that is much higher in practice than the numbers claim on paper. In the right hands, the staff deals damage rivaling many of the staves in Act 2, granting it great longevity over the course of the game and therefore return on investment.