The Staff of Parthalan is the spear-like staff used by Hawke in the "Destiny" trailer for Dragon Age II.[1] In the trailer, Hawke uses the staff as both a melee weapon and as a mage's staff.

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During the Exalted March, the Tevinter Empirium [sic] was in chaos. Magister Parthalan and two high-ranking magisters were sent to Kirkwall to put down the slave uprising before it spread to the entire empire. However, their legion never arrived at Kirkwall; no one knows what happened to the party, Magister Parthalan—or his fabled staff.
—From Codex entry: Staff of Parthalan

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  • Can be unlocked for free by anyone with a Dragon Age Keep account. Go to the Dragon Age Keep, then Career -> Dragon Age II -> Rewards.

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Staff of Parthalan

The Staff of Parthalan

  • This staff was the first to introduce the concept of a blade for melee purposes, a concept used for many staves in Dragon Age II.
  • This staff is being wielded by Hawke on the cover of Dragon Age II as well as the Destiny Trailer.
    • In the trailers and arts, Hawke wields the staff with the blade pointed away from his body. In-game, he uses it with the blade pointed towards his back, slashing enemies with it when in close proximity.
  • It is also used by Ravi in Dragon Age Legends Remix 01.
  • The Staff of Parthalan has two significantly different descriptions of its history: one used in the in-game Codex entry (seen above), and one used on the official Dragon Age II site which links it to Hawke's family history:
    • "Magic has always run strongly within the Hawke bloodline. The tales passed down from one generation to the next tell of an ancestor named Parthalan, a mage who long ago helped to unite Ferelden under the rule of King Calenhad. Parthalan eventually vanished into legend, fleeing the persecution of the Chantry, but his legacy remains in the hands of his family - along with his hope that one day, mages would achieve the freedom that King Calenhad intended to bring to all men."
  • Hawke also wields this staff in Dragon Age Legends, but they use it as a 2-handed sword instead of a staff (Hawke is only available if the player has bought Dragon Age II and linked their Facebook account to their EA account)
  • If the world state imported into Dragon Age: Inquisition has Hawke as a mage, they will use a similar looking staff to this one, although the orb at the top will be light blue instead of red.

Dragon Age RPG Edit

In the Dragon Age (tabletop RPG), the Staff of Parthalan is available as a "permanent magic item" reward for player characters.[2]

Magister Parthalan vanished during a trip to Kirkwall to suppress a slave revolt during the Exalted March. Parlathan’ssic staff was thought lost to the ages, but is rumored to have shown up in the hands of various heroes. With a red orb on one end and a sword-like blade on the other, the staff is impressive and intimidating looking.

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