For the spells in Dragon Age: Origins, see Spirit spells (Origins).

Spirit spells are spells available to the mage class in Dragon Age II.

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Spells Edit

Spirit Bolt DA2 Spirit Bolt
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 10s
Requires: Level 2
The mage fires a bolt of energy that slams into the target. Although other spells may be more powerful, the bolt can be cast with great frequency.

Spirit damage: 2.68x

Elemental force: 2x

Spirit Bolt DA2 Spirit Strike
Requires: Level 6
Requires: 2 points in Spirit
Spirit bolt now surges with more power and requires less mana.

Spirit damage: +1.34x

Spirit damage: 300% vs. DISORIENTED targets
Elemental force: 200% vs. DISORIENTED targets
Cost: -5 mana

Death Syphon DA2 Death Syphon
Size: 10m
Upkeep: 20% of mana
Cooldown: 5s
Requires: Level 5
The mage replenishes vitality by consuming entropic energy from nearby corpses for as long as this mode is active.

Mana regeneration: 5% per corpse
(ps3Icon ps3 sometimes dead enemies appear to have items, but the spell will take the body and the items with it, the items do not go into your inventory; confirmed)
Death Syphon DA2 Death Vortex
Requires: Level 9
Requires: 3 points in Spirit
Death syphon becomes a vortex that wrings nearby corpses dry, renewing the mage's health and restoring even more mana.

Health regeneration: 5% per corpse

Mana regeneration: +5% per corpse

Dispel Magic DA2 Icon Dispel Magic
Size: 5m
Activation: 20
Cooldown: 15s
Requires: Level 3
The mage interrupts enemy spellcasting, removes hostile magical effects from the party, and disables sustained magical abilities from enemies across an area of the battlefield.

Dispel chance: 100%
Dispel Magic DA2 Icon Transmutation
Requires: Level 7
Requires: 2 points in Spirit
Dispel magic now inflicts spirit damage against any enemy using a sustained spell, and heals any party member from whom harmful effects are dispelled.

Spirit damage: 2.68x vs. enemies using sustained spells

Health regeneration: 20% for companions affected by hostile spells

Walking Bomb DA2 Walking Bomb
Activation: 30
Duration: 10s
Cooldown: 30s
Requires: Level 4
Requires: Spirit Bolt
The mage curses an enemy with an effect that turns the victim's own body into a weapon. If the enemy dies while the spell is still active, it explodes, harming all other foes nearby.

Spirit damage: 50% of victim's maximum health vs. nearby targets upon explosion

Physical force: 1x vs. nearby targets upon explosion

Walking Bomb DA2 Corrosive Walking Bomb
Requires: Level 8
Requires: 3 points in Spirit
Walking Bomb now includes a corrosive effect that inflicts continual spirit damage. If the enemy dies while the effect is active, it explodes, harming all foes nearby.

Spirit damage: 2.68x vs. victim

Spirit damage: 200% vs. victim if DISORIENTED

Walking Bomb DA2 Virulent Walking Bomb
Requires: Level 10
Requires: 4 points in Spirit
When a victim of Walking Bomb explodes, it can now infect nearby enemies with the same effect.

Spirit damage: 200% vs. nearby targets upon explosion if victim is DISORIENTED

Physical force: 200% vs. nearby targets upon explosion if victim is DISORIENTED
Walking Bomb infection chance: 20% vs. nearby targets

Spirit Mastery Icon Spirit Mastery
Requires: Level 6
Requires: Walking Bomb
Requires: Death Syphon
Requires: 7 points in Spirit
Drawing from years of experience, the mage channels significant power from the Fade, inflicting greater spirit damage and regenerating mana more quickly.

Spirit damage: +25%

Critical chance: +10%
Mana/stamina regeneration rate: +10

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