A Spirit of Faith is a powerful benevolent spirit of the Fade.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

After collapsing on the Hillside Path, Wynne reveals to the Warden that she had died while fighting a powerful demon during Uldred's coup in the Circle Tower. At that moment, however, a benevolent Fade spirit (who, she believes, has been watching over her all her life) entered her body, effectively possessing and resurrecting her.

Throughout the game, Wynne believes that the Spirit is weakening and that she therefore does not have much time left to live. Although the spirit never communicates with her intelligibly, she comes to believe that it gave her a second chance both to correct her past mistakes and to accomplish one last great feat. She assumes that the purpose for which she has been returned to life is to help the Warden stop the Fifth Blight, motivating her to join the Warden's quest.

Wynne presumably draws upon the power of the Spirit of Faith to use her unique ability Vessel of the Spirit.

Dragon Age: Asunder Edit

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Dragon Age: Asunder.

Despite Wynne's assumptions, the Spirit of Faith manages to keep her alive for nine years following the Battle of Denerim. When Cole meets Wynne in the Fade, he is able to sense the spirit but doesn't realize what it is. In Pharamond's nightmare, the spirit manifests itself and helps Wynne defeat the demon.

During the battle of the White Spire, Wynne realizes that the reason she was returned from the dead was, all along, to resurrect the templar Evangeline de Brassard, who dies protecting Wynne's own son, Rhys. After Wynne transfers the Spirit to Evangeline, she dies on the spot but Evangeline miraculously comes back to life.

As of 9:40 Dragon, the Spirit of Faith probably inhabits Evangeline's body, although its motivations remain unclear.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

In 9:41 Dragon, after investigating the disappearance of the Seekers of Truth, Cassandra Pentaghast obtains the Book of Secrets from Lord Seeker Lucius Corin and learns that all Seekers, including herself, are secretly made Tranquil during the final stages of their training. A Spirit of Faith is then lured towards their minds to restore their capacity for emotion and, as a side effect, to grant them their unique abilities.

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Dragon Age II.

  • Wynne is not unique in having a benevolent spirit reside within her body. In Dragon Age II, Anders' body is co-inhabited by a spirit of justice, which may be corrupted and turned into a spirit of Vengeance.

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