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Spirit healers are mages who focus on restoration spells and use the life energy acquired from the benevolent spirits which reside in the Fade. This mage specialization is available in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II.

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Not all things to come from the Fade are harmful. While maleficarum summon and control demons from the Fade, some mages within the Circle of Magi seek to summon spirits that do not feed on the darker side of the psyche. These benign spirits of fortitude, compassion, hope and the like rarely seek to cross the Veil, but can sometimes be persuaded to protect and restore life, rather than corrupt or destroy it as demons would. Many people of Thedas may think of all spirits as malevolent entities, but as the spirit healers propose, there is much good to be done alongside the Maker's first children.

While healing spells do exist, spirit healers are well known for taking healing and restoration far beyond a standard mage’s capabilities. In effect, the spirit healer summons a benevolent spirit through the veil and that spirit uses its abilities on the mage’s behalf. Thus, spirit healers are highly desired in the ranks of the Circle.

Becoming a spirit healer, however, is no simple matter. To gain the services of such benevolent and righteous beings requires that the mage earn their trust. Often this requires a series of trials to prove that the mage's goals are as noble as the spirit demands, though some mages have claimed to command the compliance of such spirits through sheer force of charisma. Some even claim they did not choose their calling; instead, a powerful spirit chose them and led them into lives of service, ordeal, and succor.

It should also be noted that the calling of a spirit healer is a dangerous one. Contacting anything beyond the Veil inevitably draws the notice of demons, sometimes very powerful ones. More than one tale exists of a spirit healer being fooled by a demon masquerading as a benevolent spirit, and inadvertently bringing them across the Veil... or being tricked into letting down their guard, and possessed. As such, once a mage becomes a Spirit Healer they must especially heighten their vigilance for the remainder of their lives. It is a calling that not all will gladly suffer.[1]

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