Spirit Mark is a mage ability from the Necromancer specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


  • Duration: 12 seconds
  • Spirit Damage: 75% weapon damage per second
  • Charm Duration: 15 seconds
  • Cooldown Time: 20 seconds
  • Cost: 50 mana
Corpse Spirit Mark

A Corpse reconstituted with Spirit Mark


Spirit Mark Lingering Mark
Requires: Spirit Mark
Targets you kill with Spirit Mark now fight for you even longer and harder.

Damage Bonus: 100%
Charm Duration: 45 seconds


There is a glitch where if a player summons a spirit then saves and exits the game the spirit will now be permanently stuck in the game. They will not go away with time, nor can they be killed or dispelled, nor will they follow the party around. They will however continue to kill enemies, and should the party stumble upon them when they revisit the area they will have a ally to help them defeat any nearby enemies.

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