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|effects =
|effects =
{{ColorPositiveStat| Spirit damage: 16}}<br>
{{ColorPositiveStat| Spirit damage: 16}}<br>
{{ColorPositiveStat| Elemental force: 2x}}<br>
{{ColorPositiveStat| Elemental force: 2x}}
Cost: 20 mana<br>
Cooldown: 10s

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Spirit Bolt is a mage spell from the Spirit tree in Dragon Age II.


  • Spirit damage: 16
  • Elemental force: 2x


Spirit Bolt DA2 Spirit Strike
Requires: Level 6
Requires: 2 points in Spirit
Spirit bolt now surges with more power and requires less mana.

Spirit damage: +1.34x (total: 4.02x)
Spirit damage: 300% vs. DISORIENTED Disoriented targets
Elemental force: 200% vs. DISORIENTED Disoriented targets
Cost: -5 mana (total: 15)


  • Activation base is a fixed mana value.
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