Spirit Blade is a mage ability from the Knight-Enchanter specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Spirit Damage: 150% weapon damage
  • Bonus: 100% against Barrier and 100% against Guard

Upgrades Edit

Spirit Blade icon Defending Blade
Requires: Spirit Blade
You deflect incoming projectiles with Spirit Blade, sending a shockwave of energy back at the attacker.

Defending Blade enhances Spirit Blade, reflecting projectiles back at your attackers in the form of shockwaves.
Spirit Blade icon Amplified Blade
Requires: Trespasser
Spirit Blade generates charge more quickly, but you expend all charge when striking an enemy.

Notes Edit

  • Eldritch detonator ability: use on incapacitated foes for a combo. No longer triggers combos as of Patch 2.
  • As of Patch 10, Spirit Blade now has a "charge meter", which is halved with each attack that connects with an enemy. Normally, damage is amplified by the charge level, which will sharply then gradually decrease to base damage along with the charge decrement. The charge meter is normally replenished with each standard staff attack projectile that connects with an enemy, be it a single projectile, a three-shot chain combo, or with Energy Barrage. It is also replenished with other damaging spells.
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