The Spirit Apparatus is a boss in the Anvil of the Void .It summons enraged spirits and forgotten spirits, the latter of which uses ranged attacks. it is surrounded by spirit anvils and you can you to deal damage, but only after you kill the nearest enraged/forgotten spirit. it has four heads, they can only be damaged by spirit anvils, that make them change effects.

  • purple- no effect
  • blue- heal (nearby only) Note: it is possible for these not to appear (tested on level 16 warrior, it went straight to from purple to black. Also tested on level 12 mage, they were not skipped)(ps3)
  • black- constant damage (nearby only)
  • closed- no effect

after all the eyes close it will stop spawning enemies and be considered "dead" although no loot will appear.


one spell that is an absolute must for this fight is curse of mortality, use it when its eyes are blue and you are fighting a forgotten spirit or if you are fighting at close range to the apperatus. also standing in one of the hallways is very useful, as it rotates allowing you access to all heads. Have a spirit healer and many lyrium potions as the combat is never over and allies do not revive. Note: because the loot appears in chests instead of the corpse, you can loot some potions, poultices and salves from chests in the west-facing hallway. Holding your position in the westward hallway (the longer of the two) will give you a big strategic advantage if you have glyph spells or Shale (with Rock Mastery) as it goes into a bottleneck, and makes earthquake/earthen grasp/glyph of paralysis/glyph of repulsion very effective, although you may need curse of mortality to beat ranged as they keep close to the apparatus.

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