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Spell combinations are the result of multiple, specific spells being cast onto the same target or area. When a new spell combination is discovered, an entry is created in the Codex (see Codex: Spell Combinations for more details).


Advanced Reanimation[]

Spell Might + Animate Conditions/Spells:

Spell Might + Animate Dead

Advanced Reanimation summons a skeleton minion, at (0.9*[Caster's level]), gaining additional abilities.

Entropic Death[]

Death Hex + Death Cloud Conditions/Spells:

Death Hex + Death Cloud

If a target afflicted with Death Hex enters the Death Cloud, the Death Hex is dispelled and the target suffers Entropic Death, dealing (200+2.0*SP) spirit damage instantly.

Flame Quencher[]

[ Grease + Fire ] + Blizzard Conditions/Spells:

Grease Fire + Blizzard

A Grease Fire is eliminated.

Grease Fire[]

Grease+ Any [ Fire Spell ] Conditions/Spells:

Grease + Any Fire Spell

If Grease is set on fire, it causes a Grease Fire, burning intensely for 30 fire damage every 1.5 seconds for 20 seconds. Friendly fire possible. It is easier to torch the grease with fireball, but it is possible with flame blast if it hits an enemy.

Improved Drain[]

Vulnerability Hex + [ Drain Life or Mana Drain ] Conditions/Spells:
Vulnerability Hex +

Drain Life/Mana Drain

The Drain Life spell deals 100% more damage and generates 100% more healing and Mana Drain steals 50% more mana.


Sleep + Horror Conditions/Spells:

Sleep + Horror

Nightmare deals (100+1.0*SP) spirit damage instantly, removes the Sleep effect and applies the Horror effect.

Paralysis Explosion[]

Glyph of Paralysis + Glyph of Repulsion Conditions/Spells:
Glyph of Paralysis +

Glyph of Repulsion

Paralysis Explosion will cause all targets within 7.5 meters to be paralyzed for 20 seconds*(target rank). Friendly fire is possible. Note that if you are too close when the two spells combine, you and your party will be paralyzed, making you an easier target for incoming enemies.


[ Petrify or Cone of Cold or Hand of Winter ] +
[ Stonefist or Crushing Prison ] or
a Critical Hit

Petrify/Cone of Cold/Hand of Winter + Critical Hit/Stonefist/Crushing Prison

Instant kill (doesn't work against Lieutenant-ranked enemies and above). See Combat mechanics (Origins)#Shattering for more information.
Note: Notice that abilities such as Overpower, Cripple and Slam cause critical hits which also shatters the opponent. See Shattering for further information about talents that may cause critical hits.


Crushing Prison + Force Field Conditions/Spells:

Crushing Prison + Force Field

Deals (50+0.5*SP) physical damage and knocks down all nearby targets. No effect on primary target, other than immediately ending effects of Force Field / Crushing Prison. Friendly fire possible. Can be used on friendly characters suffering from an enemy mage's Crushing Prison.

Storm of the Century[]

Spell Might + Blizzard + Tempest Conditions/Spells:

Spell Might + Blizzard + Tempest

Drains the caster of additional 100 mana, when the final component is cast. Duration: 30 s. Damage: (40+0.4*SP) electricity damage every 2 s. Drains amount of stamina equal to the damage dealt. Friendly fire possible.