Spell Shield is a mage spell from the Spirit tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

  • Spell resistance bonus: 75.0%. Mana Drain (on caster, on hostile spell impact): (Hostile Spell Base Mana Cost) + 10.0.
  • Conjuration time: 1s.

Notes Edit

  • Upkeep is in Mana.
  • Arcane Warrior Spellcasting: The spell can be cast with your weapon(s) drawn.
  • Spell Resistance granted by this spell stacks with those from other sources. However, if the mana pool is not high enough to withstand incoming hostile spells, the check will always fail, even if the character has high spell resistance without the Spell Shield.
  • The "absorption" effect is part of a successful spell resistance check; it is not a second layer of protection against hostile spells.

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