The South Wing of Bann Franderel's Estate is part of the Denerim estate of Bann Franderel of West Hill.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Origins.

After A Fistful of Silver sub-quest of the Crime Wave quest line has been completed, Slim Couldry will task the Warden to enter Bann Franderel's Estate and rob him of his most valuable items as part of The Private Collection sub-quest. After the Landsmeet is concluded the estate is being visited one last time during The Tears of Andraste sub-quest.

According to Slim Couldry, it is very difficult to access the estate since mages have activated magical wards in order to protect it.

Enemies Edit

The Private Collection Edit

The Tears of Andraste Edit

Note: If the player initiates combat with the Mercenary Leader, he will sound the alarm which will make most patrolling soldiers to block the routes of the estate, as well as spawn a large group of House Soldiers and Rogue Mages on the exterior.
Map of Bann Franderel's Estate (Tears of Andraste)

Map of the area

Special objects Edit

Note: Activating the Pressure Plates in the room with the golems will fill the room with poisonous gas for a moderate amount of time while they will also activate the golems.

Notable items Edit

Tears of Andraste Tears of Andraste - on the second visit only
Plt ico key Captain Key - can be stolen or looted from the Mercenary Leader

Notes Edit

  • The trigger is sprung during The Private Collection after exploring the treasure vault. After that, guards and traps are spawned and you'll have to fight your way back.
  • Also, with stealth, you keep your team at the entrance, and send the rogue all the way to the treasure room which should trigger the ambush. With good enough stealth your rogue should be able to make it back to the entrance without being engaged in combat. Then you just need to kill a few near the entrance, run into the weapons room and you should go out of combat mode. Then walk back to the entrance and walk out with minimal fuss.
    • It is also possible for the rogue to stay on his or her own and find a quiet corner far enough from the nearest guards to exit combat mode. Then the player can switch control to one of the other party members who stayed behind at the entrance and have them exit to the city map.
  • This area does not count towards the Traveler achievement.
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