Looking to wet your whistle, stranger?

Sorcha is a waitress working in the Crown and Lion in the City of Amaranthine.

Involvement Edit

The Warden-Commander can speak to her and ask her if she has spoken to Kristoff about his attempts to track darkspawn. Sorcha will mention that he may have gone to the Blackmarsh.

When Sorcha suggests the Warden-Commander have a drink, the latter may propose to have that drink later with her in private to which she accepts, though nothing comes of it.

If Justice is with the Warden-Commander and he speaks to Sorcha, she will remark that it is good to see him, Kristoff, again, and asks if he caught the darkspawn. Justice replies that, more accurately, they caught him. When Sorcha asks what he means, Justice tells her it does not matter, and thanks her for her kindness to him.

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