Solving Problems is a quest received from the Favors for Certain Interested Parties Quest Board. In this quest, The Warden has to travel around Denerim, helping out three young rogues in over their heads. Deals went bad, and the rogues panicked, killing their contacts. The player arrives to remove the corpses and make everything better.

Note: You must complete this quest before completing the New Ground quest (otherwise “D” is dead).

Walkthrough Edit

There are three body bags to collect. They are found in:

Once the body bags have been collected, return to the Denerim Market District and go to the well next to the chantry (behind Sister Justine). Interacting with the well will dump any body bags in your inventory. Once all three bags have been dumped, return to the Bartender for the reward.

Result Edit

You get:

  • 2DAO goldpiece trans
  • 125 XP

The Sign of Safe Passage quest will become available from the Bartender.

Bug icon Bug! After you complete the quest, the indicator on the well may not go away.

Gallery Edit

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