Snug is the faithful bronto of Jerrik Dace that he nursed back to health on his first military campaign. Snug is fiercely loyal, surprisingly intelligent and rarely leaves its master's side.

Skills Edit

Charge (bronto) Charge - The bronto charges, dealing critical damage to the target and knocking it down unless it passes a physical resistance check.
Talent-Taunt icon Taunt


  • Tank (Passive) - The creature is a tank, able to sustain significantly more damage than others of its kind. It gains a large bonus to health and a small bonus to armor.

Notes Edit

HoDA Snug

Tier progression of Snug the Bronto in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • Due to Snug being considered a summon, Jerrik will not be able to summon any ranger pets while Snug is present. However, the Master Ranger talent does improve Snug's stats.
  • Snug generates a very high amount of threat, and thus the enemies will likely focus on the bronto first.

Bugs Edit

  • pcIcon pcThere is a bug that makes Snug the Bronto enter your party instead of Brogan. Brogan will still follow you, but you are unable to control him. Snug the Bronto will act like a normal party member, able to die, and be revived. It has no abilities.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360pcIcon pcIt is possible that Snug can become duplicated. Jerrik will have one Snug as a summon, and a second Snug will become an extra party member. You can then give this second Snug weapons and accessories (unknown if this effects stats). This second Snug will be invulnerable, making him handy during the Harvester Boss Battle.

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