Smuggled Lyrium is a gem in Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition Edit

Can be purchased from Rogek as part of the quest Precious Metals.

Selling Edit

If you sell the Smuggled Lyrium (e.g. for the Unlimited Money exploit), you may not be able to successfully complete Precious Metals. It will be marked completed with a "Failed to deliver the shipment to the Mages Circle."

    • pcIcon pc: Even if the journal says you failed to deliver the shipment, if you buy it back you can finish the quest normally by talking to Godwin.
    • xbox360Icon xbox360: This does not work on the xbox 360, upon selling the lyrium, removing it from your inventory in any capacity even by mistake will mark the quest as failed and talking to Godwin does not activate any dialogue that would further the quest. Returning to Rogek and attempting to talk to him will trigger his attack and therefore confirmation of failure of the quest. This happens even if you sell it and buy it back immediately. The only solution is to load a prior save in which you had not sold or removed the lyrium from your inventory. In addition to this, attempting to goad Godwin into further payment treats the quest as failed even upon successful delivery if you give him the lyrium in the same conversation. In order to bypass this particular issue, give Godwin the Lyrium after a successful persuasion attempt or not, then talk to him after re-entering the area to gain the additional 8 gold separate and apart from the enhanced price or regular price. In order to fix the issue of failing the quest upon selling the Lyrium or it being removed from your inventory in any capacity, the only solution is to again reload your save. See the quest for additional rewards. If you obtain the blackmail additional 8 gold from Godwin during the same conversation, not only will it trigger the quest as a failure but you will only receive 8 sovereigns, no Crow Dagger, and no additional sovereigns that were persuaded for regardless of successful attempt or not.
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