Sloth demons are malefic spirits that can take various forms. Being one of the most insidious creatures from the Fade, these entities alter their form and sometimes their environment to their will, they deceive their victim to generate the feeling they feed on: sloth.

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Dragon Age: Origins Edit

  • A sloth demon in bereskarn form is encountered in the Magi Origin during the quest The Harrowing. He offers to help Mouse take on a bear form if you answer three riddles correctly.
  • A particularly powerful sloth demon, identified only as "Sloth", is the leader of the demons who have invaded the Circle Tower during Broken Circle, and the quest The Fade: Lost in Dreams is set within its nightmarish demesne within the Fade.

Dragon Age II Edit

  • A sloth demon named Torpor can either be fought, or agreeing to a deal during the quest Night Terrors.
  • In Legacy, a sloth demon is bound in a chamber in the Grey Warden prison, you can choose to fight the demon during the quest Malcolm's Will

Strategy Edit

For help beating "Sloth" in the Broken Circle quest, see The Fade: Lost in Dreams.

Though combat with sloth demons is rare, they are to be treated like desire demons. Because you encounter only the sloth demon during the fight using a Misdirection Hex will significantly lower the amount of damage being taken allowing a quick and easy victory.

A fight with one of these shadowy spirits is very rare, as they always attempt to solve a situation with lies, conversation and speaking. They seduce their victims into sloth so it can feast on their life force.

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