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[[Sloth]] in the following forms:
*[[Sloth]] ([[Demon]], [[Boss]]) - cycles through these forms: [[Ogre]] --> [[Rage Demon]] --> [[Abomination]] --> [[Greater Shade]] --> [[Arcane Horror]]
*[[Rage Demon]]
*[[Greater Shade]]
*[[Arcane Horror]]
==Special Objects==
==Special Objects==

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Map-Sloth Demon's Sanctum

Map of the area

This is the last part of the Fade during the exploration of the Circle Tower during the demon invasion. It's recommended that you only enter here after having collected every essence and font. The moment you enter here, your companions will return.


Sloth is trapping all in the fade, while feeding of the persons that reside there. Niall has been there a long time, so there isn't much left of him. Sloth will ask the party to stay, if they won't a lengthy fight ensues.



Special Objects

  • Lyrium Vein Touching it will restore your mana/stamina and health.

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