Those noble ponces won't have the last laugh, eh?

Slim Couldry can be found in the Denerim Market District. He is interested in getting back at the nobility, and for a cut he offers the Warden information on how to lessen the wealth of some nobles.


He is an elf-blooded who grew up in the Alienage.[1] According to him, he has a huge family which is consisting of fifteen cousins. Slim is also a very devout Andrastian.


Slim Couldry manages the Crime Wave quest line, and will only appear after the Warden obtains the Stealing skill or Stealth talent.


Location of Slim Couldry

Note: Ideally the Warden must have both the Stealth and Stealing skill in order to complete all eight quests. However, if only the stealing skill is present, both quest lines can become available by choosing the "I want to know it all" dialogue option, and the quests may be completed using companions.

Note: If Slim Couldry is not interacted with before the end of the Landsmeet, he will disappear and the quest will not be available.

Bug icon Bug! pcIcon pcIf you get the Stealing skill after first talking to Slim, you will not get the other quests.


  • (speaking of the Tears of Andraste) "Growing up in the Alienage you want to believe in something. Something that explains the suffering. I have faith, not everyone does."
  • "I know I'm a criminal--but I fight the bastards that oppress my people with the skills the Maker gave me."


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