Slaver Caverns is an ad hoc holding pen for slavers on the Wounded Coast outside Kirkwall. It is only accessible during the Act 1 main quest Wayward Son. It is located in the south-central area of the Wounded Coast.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Hawke searches for a young mage named Feynriel, who is being held against his will in these caverns by a slaver named Varian Ilithis, during the quest Act 1 quest Wayward Son.

DA2 Map - The Wounded Coast - Slaver Caverns (Act 1 - Wayward Son)

Location of the Slaver Caverns

Characters Edit

Enemies Edit

Notable items Edit

Crafting resources: See the map (below) for locations.

Deep Mushroom DA2 Deep Mushroom
Spindleweed Spindleweed


Medium gloves purple DA2 Alchemist's Protective Handguards - Found in an unlocked chest NW of Varian Ilithis.
DA2 Map - Slaver Caverns (Act 1 - Wayward Son)

Map of the area

Containers Edit

  • Barrel
  • Chest
  • Chest - Standard (Requires 20 cunning to unlock, rewards 100 XP.)
  • Corpse (x2)
  • Crate (x2)
  • Pile of Bones

Notes Edit

  • For a single encounter with a handful of spiders, go back towards the entrance after dealing with Varian Ilithis.
  • The area with the deep mushroom and a couple of containers is sometimes referred to as a "hidden" area because it is easily missed. To get there, approach the area indicated on the map below, climb the stairs, follow the wooden platform north and around to the east, looking for a narrow candlelit L-shaped passage in the cavern walls to the south.
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