Slaughter the Innocents is a side quest in The Darkspawn Chronicles DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. It is available as part of the main quest Massacre in the Market. The Market District is overrun with civilians. Slay ten of them.

Walkthrough Edit

The quest becomes available as soon as you have the shriek destroy the barricades in the Market District. There are various citizens running around the District; you must kill ten of them to complete the quest. Although there are various named NPC's and guards throughout the area, the only ones who count towards this quest are ones who are unarmed. All others will give XP, but will not count towards completion of the quest.

Note: All of the NPC's spawn randomly from various points, and will not all appear at once. If you can't find enough innocents to kill, keep running around the Market to trigger the spawn points (this may take a few passes around the area).

As you make your way towards the Gnawed Noble Tavern, Oghren and four drunks will come rushing out. Kill Oghren to get Forge Master's Hammer and Wine. Near the Wonders of Thedas and the Warehouse you will find another group of defenders, including a Circle Mage.

Notes Edit

You must complete this quest before completing Slay the Healer as no more NPC's will spawn once Wynne has been defeated.

Rewards Edit

Ico warhammer Forge Master's Hammer - dropped by Oghren
Ico cheap wine Wine - dropped by Oghren

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