This page lists all of the Skyhold Customization Items made available to Skyhold in Dragon Age: Inquisition. There are seven subsections featured for quick reference: Banners & Banner Crowns, Beds, Drapery, Heraldry, Decor, Thrones, and Windows.

Banners[edit | edit source]

Skyhold Banners

[edit | edit source]

For additional details about banner and banner crown acquisition, see Banners.

Beds[edit | edit source]

Skyhold Beds

For additional details about bed acquisition, see Beds.

Drapery[edit | edit source]

Skyhold Drapes

For additional details about drapery acquisition, see Drapes.

Heraldry[edit | edit source]

Inquistion Heraldry

For additional details about heraldry acquisition, see Skyhold Heraldry.

Decor[edit | edit source]

For additional details about decor acquisition, see Skyhold Decor.

Thrones[edit | edit source]

Skyhold Thrones

For additional details about thrones acquisition, see Thrones.

Windows[edit | edit source]

Skyhold Windows

For additional details about windows acquisition, see Windows.

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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Decor and Heraldry are unmarked Skyhold Customization collection quests; they are only available by interacting with the Skyhold Customization Menu found in Skyhold's Undercroft.

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