Skyhold is a fortress in the Frostback Mountains and serves as the headquarters for the restored Inquisition.

Background Edit

Known as Tarasyl'an Te'las ("the place where the sky is kept" or, more specifically, "the place where the sky was held back") in ancient elvish[1], Skyhold is a fortress located in a stretch of the Frostback Mountains near the Dales, on the border between Orlais and Ferelden, controlling a mountain pass from the kingdom to the empire.[2][3][4]


Dwarven statues

The mountain peak it was built on was the site of rituals carried out by the elves during the height of their civilization, but was later leveled by early Fereldans to provide the foundation of the fortress, making the Keep Fereldan.[5] Ownership of Skyhold has since changed hands many times. During the late Divine Age, it was occupied by a Fereldan enchanter who unsuccessfully sought to learn why the site had been so important to the elves. At one point, even dwarves took residence there.[6] The last known owners of Skyhold lived certainly after the Third Blight with Mason Gatsi suspecting that they had also an extensive trade network.[7]

When Skyhold was rediscovered by the Inquisition, it had fallen into considerable disrepair in the years after its unknown last inhabitants had abandoned it. However, by this time, the magic of the original elven site had permeated the stones of the keep, protecting it from evil.[8]

A living tree was once a symbol of peace between two forgotten factions. Before the first stones of Skyhold's foundations were laid, the tree was cut down, slabbed, and polished to serve as a massive war table.[9]

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Skyhold used to be Solas' stronghold.[10]

The Archivist in the Sundered Hall of the Shattered Library stores the following memory: "After he held back the sky to imprison the gods, the Dread Wolf disappeared". Thus Skyhold is the place where the Veil was created, as evident from its ancient name.

Involvement Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Guided by Solas, the Inquisition moves their base of operations here from the village of Haven to serve as a proper main base of operations, after being forced out by Corypheus' Red Templars or Venatori depending on the Inquisitor's decision.

Along with the Inquisitor, companions and advisors reside here. Leliana will make a place for herself in the fortress' rookery. Sera, Iron Bull and Cole can be found in the Skyhold tavern Herald's Rest, Cassandra is usually training by the armory, Cullen can be found in a tower adjoining the gatehouse and Blackwall at the stables. Dorian can be found in the library and Solas in the atrium beneath it, and Varric and Vivienne can be seen in the Throne Room. Finally Josephine has made a place for herself in her office next to the Throne Room. The fortress will serve as a hub for romantic encounters and catching up with companions.

The Inquisitor's central command is the war table, which will determine where to focus the Inquisition's attention. From here operational areas can be unlocked and agents can be dispatched on missions. From the Skyhold throne the Inquisitor will hold court and Sit in Judgment over a variety of characters, passing sentences from execution and tranquillity, to making them court jester, or even recruiting them to the Inquisition.

Renovation Edit

At the time of its rediscovery by the Inquisition, Skyhold has deteriorated considerably. The Inquisition brings on a number of workers to help restore the fortress to its former glory. The renovation process spans three stages.

  • Stage 1 - When the Inquisition first arrives at Skyhold. Much of the fortress is inaccessible due to rubble, structural collapses, sealed or bricked-up doorways, and clutter blocking doors. Only the Throne Room, War Room, Undercroft, Atrium, Atrium Library, Rookery, Courtyard, Armory, Training Grounds, and portions of the Battlements are open. The Inquisitor can customize Skyhold's furnishings in the Undercroft.
  • Stage 2 - After leaving and returning to Skyhold for the first time or by choosing the [Special] dialogue option, "Tell me more of yourself," when speaking with Solas which requires some level of friendship as well as the Inquisitor having expended the entirety of the, "Tell me about yourself," tree. Renovation work is well underway, scaffolding has been set up throughout the fortress, and the collapsed bridge dividing the Courtyard has been repaired. In addition to the areas in Stage 1, the Stables, Tavern, Quartermaster's Building, Dungeon, Inquisitor's Quarters, Kitchen, Vault, Vault Library, Garden, Guard Tower, and the rest of the Battlements are now open. The Inquisitor can find a list of three upgrades to Skyhold in the Inquisitor's Quarters and can make Judgments in the Throne Room. Cullen will have moved from his courtyard open-air desk to his permanent office in one of the towers of the main gate unless the Inquisitor has not spoken to him since arriving in Skyhold. He will then remain in the courtyard until the Inquisitor speaks to him.
  • Stage 3 - After completing a main story quest. The renovation of Skyhold is complete. Scaffolding and most remaining rubble or clutter has been removed, and the Throne Room has been furnished with banquet tables and chairs. All areas of Skyhold are open.

Customization Edit

Skyhold can be customized and upgraded by the player. Customization options include banners, drapes, heraldry, windows, beds, decor and thrones.

There are several options to choose from, mostly related to particular nations (Orlais, Ferelden etc.) or factions (Andrastian Chantry, Dalish etc.).

Most of these options need to be unlocked by buying them in shops, completing quests or through exploration. The throne can be further upgraded with accessories as well.

Collectibles and Acquirements Edit

Mosaics Edit

  • As the Inquisitor discovers the mosaic pieces all over Thedas and returns to Skyhold, the mosaic pieces found will be assembled on the walls. Three of them are around Gatsi, the dwarf helping research them and two are up by Vivienne's balcony.

Bottles of Thedas Edit

  • As the Inquisitor discovers bottles from Bottles on the Wall, all of the bottles so far discovered are presented on shelves in the Skyhold wine cellar.

Haven Survivors and Agents at Skyhold Edit

  • Some of the agents the Inquisitor recruits can be found and talked to at Skyhold.
  • All of the townsfolk that the Inquisitor saved in the attack on Haven will also be hanging out at Skyhold- most typically, around the grounds out front, or also in the courtyard gardens.

Josephine's Vault Edit

Skyhold's Prisoners Edit

  • If the Inquisitor choose imprisonment for any wrongdoers who come before them in Sit in Judgment, they can find them later in the Skyhold prisons where some of them may be conversed with.

Florianne the Jester Edit

  • If, after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, the Inquisitor conscripts Florianne as a Court Jester at Skyhold, Florianne will occasionally show up in the throne room.

Upgrades Edit

Main article: Major Upgrades

In addition to the furnishing customization options there are three possible major upgrades to Skyhold available. These upgrades can be unlocked by meeting the necessary quotas at the Requisition Table. All upgrades reward +1 power.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI A Better Courtyard
Quest icon DAI A Greener Garden
Quest icon DAI A Superior Tower
Quest icon DAI Advanced Crafting
Quest icon DAI Fragment of Inadequate Chain Mail
Quest icon DAI Inquisition Trappings
Quest icon DAI Promoting Barris
Quest icon DAI Rune Crafting
Quest icon DAI Scattered in Skyhold
Quest icon DAI Sit in Judgment
Quest icon DAI Welcome to Skyhold

Places Edit

Skyhold Rookery

The Skyhold Rookery

  • Throne Room
  • War Room
  • Atrium
  • Atrium Library
  • Rookery
  • Kitchens
  • Inquisitor's Quarters - contains Wardrobe
  • Skyhold icon (Inquisition) Undercroft- contains Storage and various crafting/upgrade tables
  • Dungeon (accessible through a door in the courtyard immediately outside the Throne Room, to the left of the stairs.)
  • Vault (The lower level requires the Elite Clientele perk)
  • Vault Library
  • Armory
  • Skyhold icon (Inquisition) Herald's Rest
  • Stables
  • Courtyard
  • Garden
After arriving at Skyhold, it becomes possible to obtain seeds when harvesting herbs in the wild. The chance to obtain seeds is random for each harvest, so it may take several tries, though only one seed is required for each type of herb. It is possible to collect seeds for all but two of the herbs available in the game. The exceptions are Crystal Grace and Deathroot.
The garden comes with two herb planters by default, and another four can be added if the Herb Garden upgrade is chosen. Each planter can hold only one type of herb, though multiple herbs of the same type can be grown in multiple planters.
The planted herbs grow after leaving and then returning to Skyhold. It takes two "returns" for a newly planted seed to be harvestable. One "return" is required between each harvest for the plant to reproduce.
  • Guard Tower
  • Battlements
  • Training Grounds
  • Golden Nug

Merchants Edit

Frescos Edit

  • In the rotunda below the library and rookery, Solas paints an elven fresco depicting the Inquisition's history, with each panel representing a different stage in the storyline.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

1) The explosion at the Conclave. A blast on the hill. It explodes outwards and jets up into the sky. In the sky in the sphere is the Fade; the Black City in the center.
Inquisition - Skyhold Fresco

All four possible allocations of the Fresco

2) The formation of the Inquisition. A pack of wolves howling defiantly against the world, beneath the blade and all-seeing eye of the Inquisition’s symbol.

3a) Siding with the Templars. Next to the turrets of Therinfal Redoubt, Envy lurks. Grasping hands and the flaming sword of the Templar sigil.

3b) Siding with the mages. A figure in Tevinter gear and iconography - serpents - Alexius. In the distance are the two versions of Redcliffe Castle, including the red and black iteration from the nightmare future scenario.

4) The attack on Haven. Corypheus, orb in hand, presides over the burning and sacking of the village in the mountains.

5a) The Siege of Adamant Fortress. Adamant Fortress is in the distance. To the right is the black rocky crags of the Fade. The Black City rests at the center of the sphere; Nightmare’s multiple eyes stare balefully. Appears if done before Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.

5b) The assassination of Empress Celene. An assassin lurks in the window of the Winter Palace, dagger in hand. The figure in blue is wearing Celene’s iconic blue dress with gold collar. The palace is dark due to what has occurred. Appears if done before Here Lies the Abyss.

6a) The Siege of Adamant Fortress. Adamant Fortress is in the distance. To the right is the black rocky crags of the Fade. The Black City rests at the center of the sphere; Nightmare’s multiple eyes stare balefully. Appears if done after Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.

6b) The assassination attempt on Empress Celene. The assassination plot, represented by an assassin with dagger in hand, has been brought to light. The figure in blue is wearing Celene’s iconic blue dress with gold collar. The lighted palace and full ballroom show that the plot has failed. Appears if done after Here Lies the Abyss.

7) The Temple of Mythal. In the halls of Mythal’s temple, a figure dressed like Abelas guards the blue ripples of the Well of Sorrows. The arch could feasibly represent Mythal’s last Eluvian.

8) Unfinished piece from after the final battle. A wolf stands over the body of a dragon, slain by the sword.


  • After reaching level 10, the Inquisitor can complete the war table mission Specializations for the Inquisitor to summon specialization trainers to Skyhold. The trainers will gather in certain places depending upon the Inquisitor's class:
    • If the Inquisitor is a rogue, the trainers will congregate in the lower courtyard near the stables.
    • If the Inquisitor is a mage, the trainers will congregate at the front gate near the infirmary tents.
    • If the Inquisitor is a warrior, the trainers will congregate at the top of the battlements near Cullen's office.
  • If you get the "Elite Clientele" Inquisition perk, a new vault opens up in Skyhold where you keep your gold, hat and pies. It is located on the same level as the wine cellar and the kitchen. Lord Trifles Minutiae will also take up residence here if the Quiz Quizquisition has not yet been completed.
  • Falling damage is turned off in Skyhold. You can jump off of the parapets into the garden several stories below and take no damage.
  • pcIcon pc If the door to the hallway to the war room is opened after Josephine converses with either of her assistants, the assistant will go into the hallway, turn left and walk through the wall.

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: On Skyhold
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Note texts Edit

Text ico Bellanaris Din'an Heem
Text ico Bride of the Maker
Text ico Construction Report: Brickmarks
Text ico Construction Report: Death on the Wall
Text ico Construction Report: Mixed Elements
Text ico Construction Report: Request to Fight
Text ico Construction Report: Scaffolding
Text ico Construction Report: Surfacing
Text ico Fallen Chandelier
Text ico Herald's Rest (plaque)
Text ico News from Thedas
Text ico Prison Structural Evaluation
Text ico Proper Andraste x 2
Text ico Request for Resources on the Fade
Text ico Sera's Cabinet of Wonder Whose It Was
Text ico Tavern Notices
Text ico The Undercroft
Text ico The View of the Troops

Trivia Edit

The Lord of the Pies

"The Lord of the Pies"

  • There is a pie in a top hat under Skyhold that can be discovered through a glitch: Sometimes all the furnishings in the main hall disappear. If you then walk into Solas' rotunda, there will be no floor, and you will drop into the area that holds the lordly pork pie. If you wait for a minute or so, it will also start playing music.
  • In the basement of Skyhold there is a large, open book with a sideways sigil of the gate; this is a reference to the Necronomicon, a faux grimoire invented by H.P. Lovecraft.
  • A Red Templar standard can be found in the abandoned stairwell leading to the Inquisitor's quarters.

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