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Skin Deep is a quest received from the Redcliffe Village Chanter's Board.


The Chantry would like an enterprising and well-traveled adventurer to collect nine samples of corpse gall. If, by chance, the aforementioned adventurer should find themselves so lucky as to have an abundance of corpse gall, the Chantry will gladly pay extra for them.

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Corpse gall will mostly be found on Devouring Corpses and Enraged Corpses. Suggestions for farming include:

Once the desired amount of corpse gall has been obtained, return to any Chantry representative for a reward.

My Suggestion is to wait to accept the quest until u have the 18 corpse gall since it take a long time to gather them if u are unlucky.

Also because all quests are completed and payed for with one talk to a chanter so u get the most amount of money without accidently

completing Skin Deep with just 1-8 or close to 18 galls.


5Gold for 18 samples of corpse gall, 3Gold for 9 samples.

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