Skin Deep is a side quest received from the Chanter's Board in Redcliffe Village or Denerim.

The Chantry would like an enterprising and well-traveled adventurer to collect nine samples of corpse gall. If, by chance, the aforementioned adventurer should find themselves so lucky as to have an abundance of corpse gall, the Chantry will gladly pay extra for them.

A runner sends this request from Knight-Commander Thames:
While the reports I have heard no doubt suffer from exaggeration, the observed creatures assaulting Redcliffe trouble me greatly. If we are to properly combat these unnatural agents and prevent their reoccurrence, the mages bound to my service will require carefully prepared samples of flesh for study. Thereafter, should deployment occur, we will be well briefed.
If there are skilled warriors present, I would have them gather samples from any remaining creatures as close to the presumed source as possible. The Chantry will reward this basic assistance with spiritual acknowledgement. If the request is exceeded, gold will be added, but the offer is limited.


Corpse gall will be found on Devouring corpses and Enraged corpses. Suggestions for farming include:

Note: If you talk to a Chantry representative while this quest is active and you have more than 9 samples (to complete other quests for example), you will automatically complete this quest. Simply do not accept the quest until you have more than 18 samples, or avoid speaking to a Chantry representative with less than 18 samples, to get the higher reward.

Once the desired amount of corpse gall has been obtained, return to any Chantry representative for a reward.

Note: If you haven't completed the quest before "The Final Onslaught", it'll still automatically count as completed once you've collected enough samples from the undead encounters during the quest.



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