Sketch is an apostate elf Mage, specializing in healing magic. He is a companion in the Leliana's Song DLC for Dragon Age: Origins.

Background Edit

Sketch is a bookish, nervous mage who is frighteningly capable when backed into a corner. Not the adventuring type, but as dangerous as the game of intrigue can be, it is still preferable to a life spent caged by the templars. Sketch despises the Circle of Magi.

Sketch appears to have little patience for Leliana's embellishing their past. However, Leliana nonetheless seeks his help regarding messages left by their mutual friend, Tug.[1] Sketch's whereabouts are largely unknown except to his former comrade, but he appears to have made a reputation for himself as someone who sees problems differently and has a unique approach to knowledge and problem solving.[1]

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

It is possible that Sketch is not his true name, and implied in a letter from Leliana asking for his aid that Sketch may have formerly been a slave, as well as originally placed in Orlais by a mysterious effort to seed its borders with hidden agents.[1]

Involvement Edit

Leliana's Song Edit

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Leliana's Song.

Sketch accompanies Leliana during the game of intrigue in Denerim. Along with the others he is betrayed by Marjolaine and imprisoned in the Dungeon of the Arl of Denerim's Estate by Commander Harwen Raleigh. He narrowly escapes torture thanks to Tug and joins Leliana and Silas Corthwaite in hunting Marjolaine.

Dragon Age II Edit

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Dragon Age II.

Sketch later travels to Kirkwall where he is attacked several times by different groups of assassins and mercenaries as part of the Chanter's Board quest Sketchy on the Details. It is not known exactly how he has earned the ire of so many groups, though when Hawke comments on his numerous enemies Sketch remarks that Hawke should take his advice and stay away from storytellers.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Edit

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the Inquisitor allies with the mages, Sketch writes to Fiona regarding bringing cells of rebel mages into the Inquisition.

Initial statistics Edit

Leliana, Sketch, and Tug all begin the DLC at level 10.

Specialization Edit

Classico spirithealer Spirit Healer

Attributes Edit

Strength Dexterity Willpower Magic Cunning Constitution
14 14 23 28 14 13

Spells Edit

Arcane Spells-ArcaneBolt Arcane Bolt
Primal Spell-FlameBlast icon Flame BlastLightning Lightning
Creation Spell-Heal icon HealSpell-HeroicOffense icon Heroic Offense

Equipment Edit

Weapons Ico staff Sketch's Split-Shaft
Clothing and armor Ico armor robe Chanter RobesIco boots light Enchanter's Footing

Gifts Edit

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Leliana's Song.

See the Tug's Edge (Gift) and Honoring Tug for more information.
After finding Tug's body in the dungeon, Leliana can give Tug's Edge to Sketch. This is the only gift that can be given to a companion in the DLC, and will result in an increase in approval and a boost in spellpower.

Quotes Edit

(upon completing his quest in Dragon Age II)

  • Hawke: "The screaming mage? You have a lot of enemies."
  • Sketch: "More than I knew. My reputation precludes me."
  • Sketch: "Take my advice friend: stay away from Storytellers, never know what they'll say..."

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References Edit

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