The Siren's Call is a ship owned by Luis, a wealthy Antivan merchant. After his murder by Zevran Arainai, Luis' wife, Isabela, took control of the ship and along and the rest of the crew, she sailed the Siren's Call all over Thedas, engaging in slave trafficking, smuggling and piracy.

Siren's Call is part of the Felicisima Armada.

Involvement Edit

During the Fifth Blight, the Siren's Call was docked in Denerim to resupply and allow the crew some shore leave while Isabela and her first mate Casavir paid a visit to The Pearl.

Eventually Isabela was in debt to the Felicisima Armada, so she was forced to transport more profitable "goods" in order to pay off her debt. This involved the transportation of slaves to Tevinter Imperium. However the Orlesian navy discovered the pirate ship in the Venefication Sea and chased them down. Lord Devon had packed the holds tightly and Isabela failed to outmaneuver the Orlesians which forced her to throw the slaves to the ocean in order to escape. On another occasion, she was hired by Castillon, a powerful Antivan merchant, to bring "cargo" over to Kirkwall. After discovering she was transporting slaves, she immediately abandoned her task and released them.

The end of this ship came in 9:31 Dragon, when the Siren's Call was shipwrecked near Kirkwall after being chased through a storm by the Arishok's dreadnought. The Qunari were attempting to recover their lost relic, the Tome of Koslun, which Isabela had stolen from the Orlesians before they could return it to the Arishok. Isabela agreed to the theft as a means for getting Castillon off her back and make up for her liberating his "cargo" of Blight refugees.

Trivia Edit

  • Casavir was a first mate of this ship, Hayder and Brand were two other crew members.
  • In a random party banter with Isabela and Varric, Varric asks how she was shipwrecked. Isabela responds, "I was drunk, I thought the rocks on the coast were made of candy—and a demon told me to do it," stating that Varric was not the only one who could make up ridiculous stories.
  • If Isabela is present during the quest Night Terrors, the desire demon can tempt her to turn on Hawke with the promise of a new ship called the "Siren's Call II".
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