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Silverhammer's Evaders are light boots in Dragon Age: Origins restricted to the Mage class.



  • These boots grant a character +10 missile deflection.
  • The image shows Silverhammer's Evaders in Drakeskin material (tier 7).
  • Item value does not scale with same price multiplier as other tiered light boots or armor. Use following base values (multiply by standard markup percentage):
Tier 1/Rough: 1Gold 0Silver 0Bronze
Tier 2/Cured: 1Gold 24Silver 0Bronze
Tier 3/Leather: 1Gold 48Silver 0Bronze
Tier 4/Hardened: 1Gold 72Silver 0Bronze
Tier 5/Reinforced: 1Gold 96Silver 0Bronze
Tier 6/Inscribed: 2Gold 20Silver 0Bronze
Tier 7/Drakeskin: 2Gold 44Silver 0Bronze
Simple formula: 76+(24*tier level) Silver