The Silent Plains are a desolate area on the southern borders of the Tevinter Imperium, with Nevarra laying further south and the Free Marches to the south-east. The Imperial Highway crosses the Plains.

Background Edit

The Dalish have a legend of a clan that lived on the Silent Plains and its Keeper who encountered Fen'Harel in dreams. The Plains are described as terrible and lonely, yet inhabited by deer, hares and wolves to be hunted.[1]

Historians have found signs of cities and settlements across the Silent Plains that were destroyed before the First Blight. They likely belonged to the Inghirsh mentioned in Threnodies 6. The Neromenians defeated the Inghirsh, made them chattel and claimed their lands.[2]

In -203 Ancient (992 TE) the area became the site of the Battle of Silent Plains. Grey Wardens amassed a large force of Tevinter, Rivain and Ciriane soldiers[3][4], men and dwarves[5] and slew archdemon Dumat, the Dragon of Silence, ending the First Blight.[3] A third of the armies were lost to fighting.[6][7] Records do not say who exactly gave up his soul to destroy Dumat, for many Wardens struggled against him, and the Archdemon's very death throes slew seven or more of them.[8]

The Plains are now a gray, wind-blasted wasteland[9] filled with dust, fine as ash, and occasional rocks.[10] The land was so tainted in the wake of the battle that no plant would grow there a thousand years later, save for the rare felicidus aria, commonly known as the Silent Plains Rose.[11] There are stories of ghasts and wyverns stalking those who brave the area.[10]

Hasmal, a Free Marcher city on the edge of the Plains, experiences a regular influx of Tevinter refugees, who are often escaped slaves.[12]

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

If the Inquisitor chooses to exile Movran the Under to Tevinter, his clan settles either at the edge of or in the inner regions of the Plains.[13]

If present while exploring the tombs in the Hissing Wastes, Blackwall recalls his time spent in the Silent Plains.[10]

Trivia Edit

  • The Box of Screaming on display in the Black Emporium was given to the author of a mysterious journal in the Silent Plains.[9]
  • One of the Bottles of Thedas is "Silent Plains Piquette". Its description reads:
An artisanal treatment of a Tevinter slave wine. Grape pomace is soaked and pressed, then buried for a year under the wastes where the first Archdemon fell. One assumes. They keep finding the stuff.

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