Sigrun is a female dwarf rogue who is a member of the Legion of the Dead. She is a recruitable companion in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


Sigrun is a casteless Dwarf Rogue, who is also a member of the Legion of the Dead. She fought the darkspawn in the Deep Roads, but is the last survivor of her group. She seems to be quite proficient in dual-wielding


Ico Quest Last of the Legion

Sigrun is first encountered fleeing from some darkspawn at Knotwood Hills. Once the initial battle is over, she realizes that running isn't her preferred option now that she has a personal grievance with the darkspawn who are responsible for slaughtering her group in the Deep Roads. Sigrun also suspects that the darkspawn are breeding an army at the old, abandoned dwarven fortress of Kal'Hirol. If so, she's going to do something about it.

Ico Quest Sigrun's Roguish Past
Ico Quest Sigrun's Joining


  • "We are warriors, already dead to our people."
  • The Darkspawn have changed, they're smart now."
  • "Urch! FAIL!" - When someone fails to pick a lock
  • That...that ghoul there! He has my weapon! That thieving little... nug-snuggler!


See Sigrun's Dialogue for a list of the dialogue that Sigrun shares with other companions.

Dialogue Points

Below are the spots where dialogue may be initiated with Sigrun. On the PC, it may sometimes be hard to find the correct spot to do so; make sure to press "tab" and rotate the camera if the relevant trigger is not possible to select.

Note: This list is incomplete; please add to it if you know more locations.
  • Kal'Hirol: cliff by the entrance of the Thaig.
  • The City of Amaranthine: The table of the weaponsmith in the market district.
  • The Wending Wood: Tree near the bandit camp, at the beginning of the area.
  • Vigil's Keep: A book in the bookcase behind Sigrun.


Ico armor med Legionnaire Scout armor set


Name Notes Description

Plt ico flower
Potted Plant
Located: City of Amaranthine - Next to Chantry Board
A little plant in a lovely clay pot.
Tre ico painted skyball
Snow Globe
Tiny figures of King Cailan and Queen Anora inside a sphere of water. Glittering flecks of "snow" float lazily around them.
Plt ico cultist medallion
Soap on a Rope
Located: Vigil's Keep - Dungeon
Soap! On a Rope! How quaint.
Located: Wending Wood - Silverite Mines - Soldier Corpse
Plot Item
A scope for examining distant scenes.
Tre ico book 5
The Warrior's Heart
Located: Stack of booksVigil's Keep - Throne Room
A book on various orders of warriors, with particular emphasis on the Grey Wardens, Ash Warriors, Legion of the Dead, and Silent Sisters.
Ico bad luck charm
Toy Chariot
A small painted chariot. Horse sold separately.


Bug icon Bug! (All formats) If she is given the Soap on a Rope, Toy Chariot, Snowglobe or Potted Plant as a gift shortly after meeting her, her approval may increase by +100. However, she does not gain any skills boost and no further approval increases are possible, even when presented with a Spyglass as part of a conversation sequence in Vigil's Keep. This is not necessarily a frequent bug.
Bug icon Bug! Gained 95 approval rating for dropping the Kal'Hirol prisoner (Steafan) into the lava after convincing him to hand over his loot. If players already have 100 approval with Sigrun, killing Steafan will lead to losing approval (-5).
Bug icon Bug! Gained 100 approval upon looking at the gems by the Dwarven merchant in Amaranthine. This is not necessarily a frequent bug.
Bug icon Bug! Picking up the Law and Order quest, either for the smugglers or the guards, before completing Sigrun's loyalty quest will cause the dwarf who triggers her quest in Amaranthine to disappear entirely. There are also reports that this can happen if she is given any gifts before triggering the quest. A way to fix this is to do neither of these things before triggering her quest, which occurs when walking past the dwarf to the right after passing through the gates of Amaranthine; otherwise, her personal quest is permanently unavailable.
Bug icon Bug! Another possible bug happens if the player recruits Sigrun after completing the events at the Blackmarsh; she will thus be unable to partake in The Joining and become a Grey Warden. On the other hand, it is possible to have Sigrun take "The Joining" and become a Grey Warden BEFORE completing the Kal'Hirol quest in which the gameplayer invites Sigrun to become a Grey Warden. In this event, going through the dialogue successfully completes the quest based on Sigrun already having become a Grey Warden.
Bug icon Bug! Sometimes, upon offering Sigrun a place in the Wardens her approval will automatically jump to 100 but will still be considered "neutral by the game" and no inspired skills will be gained.

In order to not get the +100 approval bug with any of the characters, the Blight Orfans and Chantry Board quests known to alter their approval should only be commenced after recruiting that character. If, for example, "From the living wood", a quest that normally gives -1 approval to Velanna, is completed before actually recruiting her, it will cause the +100 approval bug. The same is true of the quests for the Blight Orfans. If quests are completed that give (dis)approval to Justice or Sigrun before recruiting them, that will lead to the bug with them.



  • If The Warden is imported from Dragon Age: Origins, and the origins is that of dwarf commoner, when a gift is given to Sigrun she will have 100 approval.
  • Sigrun is also the name of a Valkyrie in Norse mythology.
  • After rescuing Sigrun, she complains about a broken rib. When she joins your party she will be afflicted with the illness "Broken Bone", giving penalties to dexterity (easily fixed with a Lesser Injury Kit).


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