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“In the Legion, death looms over us constantly, like... like a dirty uncle. Here, death seems distant.”

Sigrun is a casteless dwarf and a Scout in the Legion of the Dead. She is a potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


Sigrun was born in Orzammar's Dust Town. She lived with her mother Jana in a little shack that they shared with Jana's brother, Boro, his wife, and four children. Jana made some coin helping merchants unload brontos, but not enough to adequately provide for her daughter. Sigrun started begging as a child, and eventually became a thief.[1]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

A local store owner, Mischa, once caught her stealing a leg of nug once. She was sympathetic to the plight of the casteless, feeling that they turned to crime because most other options of supporting themselves were closed to them. Instead of telling the shopkeeper, she paid for the stolen goods and gave Sigrun a job at her shop in the Commons. Since then Mischa employed Sigrun in her shop and constantly sent her for errands in order to keep her occupied; some of those errands brought her to Janar. Sigrun believes that Mischa kept her occupied because she believed if the casteless were left idle, they would return to their former state of criminal behavior. One day, a statuette of the Paragon of House Bemot was stolen; Beraht, the Carta's boss, forced Sigrun to hide the statuette in Mischa's shop. According to Sigrun, he threatened to kill Mischa if she didn't do as he said. Eventually it was discovered and Mischa was exiled to the surface for theft, though she could also have been executed for this crime. According to Sigrun, she was afraid to admit that she was responsible for this crime because Beraht would have killed her.

After this incident, with her mother dead and her uncle unwilling to take her back, Sigrun joined the Carta. She considered working as a Noble hunter but she had neither the looks nor the temperament so she worked as a thief operating in certain parts of the Commons. She was doing well for herself until she got caught attempting to steal a ruby-encrusted purse from Damira Helmi. The guards chased her throughout the Commons; when they caught up with her she fought back and accidentally caused the death of one of them. It was either execution or the Legion for Sigrun; she chose the Legion of the Dead.

After joining she was befriended by Varlan Vollney, a fellow Legionnaire formerly of the Noble caste. He taught her how to read and write. Varlan eventually died in Kal'Hirol and Sigrun took his signet ring as a memento of her lost friend.[1]


Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.


Sigrun fighting a pack of shrieks

Sigrun is encountered during the main quest Last of the Legion. Sigrun is part of the Legion of the Dead battalion sent to investigate Kal'Hirol. The Legionnaires are ambushed by the Mother's darkspawn and Sigrun manages to survive the battle and attempts to flee but is captured by the darkspawn just outside the thaig's entrance in the Knotwood Hills. The Warden-Commander and the Grey Wardens arrive just as Sigrun is being dragged back underground and liberate her from her captors. Sigrun asks the Warden-Commander to let her join them in attacking Kal'Hirol as she wants to fight the darkspawn who are responsible for slaughtering her group in the Deep Roads. Sigrun explains that she suspects the darkspawn are breeding an army in the Lower Reaches of the Great thaig. If the Warden-Commander agrees to permit Sigrun to accompany them, she will join them in killing four broodmothers in Kal'Hirol who were breeding darkspawn for The Mother's army.

Afterwards, Sigrun intends to leave for the Deep Roads to hunt darkspawn until she is killed, thus fulfilling her oath to the Legion. The Warden-Commander may persuade Sigrun to join the Grey Wardens instead, since she would still be combating the darkspawn and be more effective at doing so. If persuaded, Sigrun survives her Joining and becomes a full fledged Grey Warden.

Bug icon Bug! Due to a bug, the quest Sigrun's Roguish Past won't trigger if you have started the Law and Order quest.

Once her approval is high enough, if brought to the City of Amaranthine, Sigrun will encounter Mischa, who angrily curses at Sigrun for her fate. After hearing her story, the Warden-Commander can convince Sigrun to attempt to make amends with Mischa. Sigrun apologizes to Mischa, offering her Varlan Vollney's gold signet ring as a token of apology. The Warden-Commander may allow this or offer a considerable sum of sovereigns instead to Mischa, allowing Sigrun to keep her memento.

When word reaches Vigil's Keep that the Darkspawn are launching an all out assault on the City of Amaranthine, Sigrun immediately volunteers to join the Warden-Commander in the battle.

If brought along to Drake's Fall, Sigrun will object to sparing the Architect; however she can be persuaded or convinced that it is for the best.


Note: In Awakening, Epilogue slides are also affected by whether or not the relevant companion quests were completed and how high companions approval has been raised.
Gxa sigrun

Sigrun's Awakening epilogue slide

  • If the Warden does not do any of Sigrun's companion quests, spares the Architect while Sigrun is present, and passes a persuasion check, Sigrun will lose her purpose after the fight with the Mother. She withdraws from her friends in the Order and speaks to them less each day. One morning, Sigrun is simply absent, her bed made and her trunk emptied. A young recruit who has been up in the night says she left for her Calling.
  • If the Warden spares the Architect without doing any of her quests (joining, companion quest), and fails the persuasion check, she will end up opposing the commander and vanishes into the Deep Roads where she will find her death, this time not running away from it.
  • If the Warden-Commander completed her companion quest and then says that they "don't want to lose a friend" after the battle at Vigil's Keep, then Sigrun will stay with the Commander, sometimes leaving them, joking about her death, but always coming back.
  • Although Sigrun seemed intent on leaving for her Calling, departing for the Deep Roads to finish what she started in Kal'Hirol, the Warden-Commander had a knack for finding important and absolutely urgent things to occupy the dwarf. And so Sigrun delayed her long walk into the darkness for several decades, even though she never stopped cracking jokes about needing to throw herself at death.
  • If the Warden defends the City of Amaranthine without Sigrun, she was the one to lead the battle against the darkspawn during the attack on Vigil's Keep with another army at her back. Once again, she and a legion faced the darkspawn with no hope of survival. This time she did not run.
  • If the Warden doesn't recruit Sigrun among the Grey Wardens, Sigrun leaves Kal'Hirol for the Deep Roads, to fulfill her duty as a Legionnaire of the Dead. Many years later, a group of Grey Wardens battling in the roads recounted of a perky little dwarf fighting alone and mumbling of her death.


Last of the Legion Last of the Legion
Sigrun's Joining Sigrun's Joining
Sigrun's Roguish Past Sigrun's Roguish Past


Sigrun likes various curiosities of the surface world.

Name Notes Description

Potted Plant
Potted Plant
Located: City of Amaranthine - Next to Chantry Board
A little plant in a lovely clay pot.
Snow Globe
Snow Globe
Tiny figures of King Cailan and Queen Anora inside a sphere of water. Glittering flecks of "snow" float lazily around them.
Soap on a Rope
Soap on a Rope
Located: Vigil's Keep - Dungeon
Soap! On a Rope! How quaint.
Located: Wending Wood - Silverite Mines - Soldier Corpse
Plot Item
A scope for examining distant scenes.
The Warrior's Heart
The Warrior's Heart
Located: Stack of booksVigil's Keep - Throne Room
A book on various orders of warriors, with particular emphasis on the Grey Wardens, Ash Warriors, Legion of the Dead, and Silent Sisters.
Toy Chariot
Toy Chariot
A small painted chariot. Horse sold separately.


Initial specialization[]

Legionnaire Scout Legionnaire Scout

Initial skills[]

Poison-Making Poison-MakingMaster Combat Training Master Combat TrainingCombat Tactics Combat TacticsVitality VitalityMark of the Legion Mark of the Legion

Initial talents[]

Racial ability Dwarven Resistance Dwarven Resistance
Rogue Dirty Fighting Dirty Fighting Dirty Fighting
Below the Belt Below the Belt Below the BeltDeadly Strike Deadly StrikeLethality Lethality
Stealth Stealth Stealth
Dual Weapon Dual-Weapon Training Dual-Weapon Training Dual-Weapon TrainingDual-Weapon Finesse Dual-Weapon FinesseDual-Weapon Expert Dual-Weapon ExpertDual-Weapon Mastery Dual-Weapon Mastery
Dual Striking Dual Striking Dual StrikingRiposte Riposte
Dual-Weapon Sweep Dual-Weapon Sweep Dual-Weapon SweepFlurry FlurryMomentum Momentum

Initial equipment[]

Weapons Ancient Dwarven Axe Ancient Dwarven AxeScout's Dirk Scout's Dirk
Armor Legionnaire Scout armor set Legionnaire Scout armor set
Accessories Deep Roads Girdle Deep Roads GirdleSpirit Ward Spirit WardIced Band Iced BandRing of Resistance Ring of Resistance

Restricted gear[]

Deep Roads Girdle Deep Roads Girdle

Plot skills[]

As you befriend Sigrun and gain her approval, she will gain the following additional skills:
Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Dexterity Inspired: Minor Dexterity +1 dexterity 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Dexterity Inspired: Moderate Dexterity +2 dexterity 50% approval
Inspired: Major Dexterity Inspired: Major Dexterity +4 dexterity 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Dexterity Inspired: Massive Dexterity +6 dexterity 90% approval
Note: These bonuses are non-cumulative, i.e. the total bonus is +6, not +13.

Dialogue points[]

Below are the spots where dialogue may be initiated with Sigrun. On the PC, it may sometimes be hard to find the correct spot to do so; make sure to press "tab" and rotate the camera if the relevant trigger is not possible to select.


Sigrun promotional

Promotional image of Grey Warden Sigrun in Heroes of Dragon Age

Main article: Sigrun/Dialogue
  • "Isn't perspective wonderful? You'd think people who are so tall would have more of it."
  • "I was told that evil always triumphs because good is stupid, but..."
  • (Examining the bookshelf in Vigil's Keep) "This one is a Nevarran romance--pretty spicy, too, from the looks of it. What's an Antivan milk sandwich? Oh. Oh, I see. I'll just... put that back."
  • (In Kal'Hirol, after mentioning you already met the Architect) "What's meeting with a darkspawn like? 'Hello, I'm a darkspawn, would you like some tea?'"
  • "That...that ghoul there! He has my weapon! That thieving little... nug-snuggler!"
  • "We are warriors, already dead to our people."
  • (In banter with Oghren) "I don't want to have anything to do with you or the words 'hot' and 'pumping.'"

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Sigrun Codex entry: Sigrun


  • Sigrun was written by Sheryl Chee.[2]
  • Sigrun was the first and only female dwarf companion for over 14 years. With the release of Dragon Age: The Veilguard, she is joined by Lace Harding.
  • Although a rogue by class, Sigrun has the strength and constitution (and thus armor and weapon options) to serve as a tank, making her one of the most versatile companions available.
  • After rescuing Sigrun, she complains about a broken rib. When she joins your party she will be afflicted with the injury "Broken Bone", giving penalties to dexterity (easily fixed with a Lesser Injury Kit).
  • If a save is imported from Dragon Age: Origins with the Dwarf Commoner, Sigrun will know and be in awe of the Warden, stating that they are "The Duster that left to join the Grey Wardens" and will ask the Commander to sign her helmet.
  • If a save is imported from Dragon Age: Origins with the Dwarf Noble, Sigrun will recognize the Warden and state that she heard of the Warden's death in the Deep Roads.
  • "I was told that evil always triumphs because good is stupid, but..." is a reference to Mel Brooks Spaceballs film. The line is "now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb" and is said by Dark Helmet to Lone Starr during their battle.
  • In Dragon Age II, during the quest the Paragon's Heir, if Anders is in the party, he will comment that he once knew a dwarf from the Legion of the Dead, Sigrun.
  • Writers Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir once considered a very different direction for Dragon Age: Blue Wraith. In these preliminary plans, the plot involved the group tracking down someone who was replicating Fenris' origins to recreate elven immortality, as Fenris himself hadn't aged a day since getting his markings. It would be revealed that the tests were being done by Velanna, with the assistance of her lover Sigrun, whose Calling had come and was trying to avoid death. Velanna would eventually see the error of her ways and go into the Deep Roads to die, while Sigrun would join the group until her Calling came.[3] This idea was never taken beyond the planning stages, and was never pitched to either Dark Horse Comics or BioWare.[4][5]


  • Starting or completing the Law and Order quest makes it impossible to initiate Sigrun's companion quest which usually triggers in the City of Amaranthine when walking - with her in party - by the east side of town past Constable Aidan. The cutscene will not be played and her personal quest will remain unavailable for the rest of the game. A way to avoid this is to leave the Law and Order quest untouched, which means not to follow the Smuggler and not to offer help to Constable Aidan until you completed Sigrun's quest. For further details see the walkthrough of Sigrun's Roguish Past. On pcpc this bug can be corrected with an unofficial bugfix or via this mod.
  • There is a so-called "+100 approval bug" that may occur for any companion, in this case Sigrun, which will increase the rating by +100 points upon taking any action that changes approval (like giving gifts, certain conversations or interactions with the gameworld). Quests known to alter the approval of a certain character should therefore only be completed after recruiting them into your party. For Sigrun these are namely the quests from the Blight Orfans Notis Bord, it is recommended not to initiate any of these before you actually recruited her.
  • If Sigrun is recruited as the very last companion, you can't conclude her joining as Varel doesn't have the dialog option for it, but this can be worked around by going back to Vigil's Keep and talking to Varel before you kill the broodmothers.
  • It is possible to make her undertake the Joining and thus make her a Grey Warden even before entering Kal'Hirol and thus formally recruiting her through dialogue. She joins the party after the first encounter and can thus be taken back to Vigil's Keep.



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