Sign of Safe Passage is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins. "D" requires someone to travel to the West Brecilian Forest and fire a signal arrow to his allies who hide in wait there.

Acquisition Edit

This a quest received from the Favors for Certain Interested Parties Quest Board in the Gnawed Noble Tavern after Solving Problems has been completed.

Walkthrough Edit

Quest-Firing Point

Firing Point in the Forest

This quest requires The Warden to have a bow (longbow or shortbow) equipped when the location is approached. A crossbow will not suffice.

Note: You must complete this quest before completing the New Ground quest (otherwise “D” is dead).

Go to the location marked in the West Brecilian Forest and use a bow to fire a message arrow across the treetops.

Note: Un-equip any special arrows before doing this.

The party will immediately be confronted by a group of Denerim mercenaries, who will attack. Searching the corpse of the mercenary leader yields Codex entry: By Order of Emer Thorogood.

Bug icon Bug! If you cast Animate Dead upon the corpse that contains the codex entry, you may be unable to get it.

Return to the tavern and collect your reward.

Notes Edit

  • If the party does not have a bow in their inventory, there are bows that can be obtained nearby: a Darkspawn Longbow (which requires 14 dex) can be found in a Wooden Crate in the southern part of the Dalish Camp. Behind Varathorn's wagon, there is a chest with a 10 dex shortbow inside. A Whitewood Bow requiring 18 dex can be found on a skeleton close to the firing point.

Rewards Edit

  • 175 XP
  • 4DAO goldpiece trans
  • The False Witness quest will become available from the Bartender.
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