Sighard is the Bann of the Dragon's Peak Bannorn. Once the Landsmeet starts, he can be found in the Gnawed Noble Tavern conversing with Bann Ceorlic.

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Dragon Age: Origins.

His son has been captured and tortured and can be found at the Arl of Denerim's Estate - Dungeon. If the Warden frees his son, the Bann states that he owes The Warden a debt of gratitude and will offer his vote of support in the Landsmeet. If you ask for a monetary reward for freeing his son he will offer 40 DAO goldpiece trans. However the Warden can persuade him to give 50 DAO goldpiece trans. If you accept a reward of at least 40 DAO goldpiece trans, you will also gain 250 experience points.

No experience points are awarded if you decline any reward; however, he promises to support the Warden regardless. He also mentions that he is taking supper that day with Bann Reginalda of the White River Bannorn and will inform her of what Arl Howe did.

If the Warden did not rescue Oswyn from the dungeon, or simply chooses not to bring up the incident, Sighard will still support them if the Tevinter slavery scandal is brought up.

Like Bann Alfstanna, he will recognize a Human Noble Warden as Bryce and Eleanor Cousland's youngest child, and express his sympathy for what happened to them.

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Dragon's Peak heraldry

  • "Oh, I can hardly speak ill of the sense or conscience of any man simply for wishing Rendon Howe dead. You've met him. The man made vipers seem personable."
  • "Even you must admit there's a suspicious rash of mortality among the advisors to the crown. Bryce, Urien, Eamon."

Bugs Edit

  • The next time the party enters the Tavern after speaking to Sighard about his son, they will find that Sighard has joined Alfstanna and Bryland, but is sitting the wrong way.

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