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This page provides a list of the side quests in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Vigil's Keep Edit

Ico Quest A Medical Necessity, help find bandages for wounded soldiers.
Ico Quest The Survivors of Vigil's Keep, save the survivors of Vigil's Keep.
Ico Quest Defending the Land, decide how best to defend the Arling.
Ico Quest Oaths of Fealty, attend the ceremonial swearing of the oaths of fealty.
Ico Quest Adria's Plight, search for Adria.
Ico Quest Far Afield, aid a farmer and her family.
Ico Quest A Daughter Ransomed, retrieve the ransomed daughter.
Ico Quest Bensley's Gratitude, accept Bensley's gratitude.
Ico Quest A Brewing Conspiracy, investigate a brewing conspiracy.
Ico Quest It Comes From Beneath, eradicate the darkspawn beneath Vigil's Keep.
Ico Quest Cost of Doing Business, help Voldrik hire men to reinforce the walls of Vigil's Keep.
Ico Quest A Master's Work, find unique materials so Wade can craft some extraordinary items.
Ico Quest Heart of the Forest, find four items for Wade so he can craft a shield or a bow.
Ico Quest Golem's Might, help Wade forge a suit of armor.
Ico Quest The Wraith's Vengeance, defeat the wraith haunting the Deep Roads.
Ico Quest Worked to the Bone, help Wade forge the Vigilance
Ico Quest Trade Must Flow, attract new merchants to trade at Vigil's Keep.
Ico Quest Elemental Requirements, help Herren upgrade the soldier's equipments.
Ico Quest What is Built Endures, repair the walls of Vigil's Keep.
Ico Quest The Peasant Revolution, quell the peasant revolution.
Ico Quest Salvage Operation, salvage the wreck for goods.
Ico Quest A Day In Court, spend a day in court as ruler of Vigil's Keep.
Ico Quest Bombs Away!, have Dworkin make some fire grenades.
Ico Quest The Shrine of Korth, make an offering to the Shrine of Korth.
Ico Quest And You, Esmerelle?, deal with the treasonous Esmerelle.

Companions Edit

Ico Quest The Prisoner, deal with the prisoner, Nathaniel Howe.
Ico Quest Nathaniel's Joining, initiate Nathaniel into the Grey Wardens.
Ico Quest The Howe Family, reunite Nathaniel with his sister.
Ico Quest Freedom for Anders, find Anders' phylactery.
Ico Quest Sigrun's Joining, initiate Sigrun into the Grey Wardens.
Ico Quest Sigrun's Roguish Past, help Sigrun resolve some of her past issues.
Ico Quest Velanna's Joining, initiate Velanna into the Grey Wardens.
Ico Quest Velanna's Exile, discover the story behind Velanna's past.
Ico Quest Oghren the Family Man, advise Oghren on his relationship with Felsi.
Ico Quest Justice for Kristoff, help Justice tell Kristoff's wife of his demise.

Knotwood Hills Edit

Ico Quest The Long-Buried Past, look for signs of a long-buried past.
Ico Quest Lucky Charms, return the lucky charms to its owner.
Ico Quest Memories of the Stone, honor the casteless that died defending Kal'Hirol.

The Blackmarsh Edit

Ico Quest The Burden of Guilt, retrieve the treasure left behind by a regretful merchant.
Ico Quest Tears in the Veil, find the Sentinel armor in chests through tears in the veil.
Ico Quest A Maiden in Distress, aid a maiden in distress.
Ico Quest Ser Alvard's Missing Sword, find Ser Alvard's missing sword.
Ico Quest The Trail of Love, decipher the riddle found on Corin's body.
Ico Quest The Lost Dragon Bones, find the clues that lead to the Spectral Dragon.

The Wending Wood Edit

Ico Quest Brothers of Stone, help the Avvar brothers resolve their disagreement.
Ico Quest Ines the Botanist, pass on Wynne's request for Ines' attendance at the College of Magi.
Ico Quest Trading Troubles, find out who is responsible for the attacks on the caravans.
Ico Quest The Merchant's Goods, help a merchant find his precious merchandise.
Ico Quest Maferath's Monuments, help a Chantry scholar find copies of missing verses from the apocryphal canticle of Maferath.
Ico Quest From the Living Wood, search for samples of Ancient Sylvanwood from the Wending Wood.
Ico Quest Last Wishes, help a dying Grey Warden pass on his wedding ring.

City of Amaranthine Edit

Ico Quest Smuggler's Run, help the Smuggler's conduct their business.
Ico Quest Law and Order, investigate the smuggling trade in Amaranthine.
Ico Quest The Blight Orphans?, make a small donation to the orphans of the Blight.
Ico Quest The Blight Orphans (Again), aid the Blight orphans with some questionable requests.
Ico Quest Moonshine for the Children, help the Blight orphans with the moonshine trade.
Ico Quest The Sermons of Justinia II, retrieve the Sermons of Justinia II for the Blight orphans.
Ico Quest Those Sweet Orphans, deliver a bunch of herbs on behalf of the Blight orphans.
Ico Quest The Scavenger Hunt, help the Blight orphans find items they lost while playing on the streets.
Ico Quest A Present for Melisse, scare Melisse with a scarecrow.
Ico Quest Making Amends, gather flowers for Melisse to ask for forgiveness.
Ico Quest Preying on the Weak, deal with the gang of thugs preying on the weak.
Ico Quest A Donation of Injury Kits, find some injury kits for the Chantry.
Ico Quest A Donation of Poultices, find some poultices for the Chantry.
Ico Quest Till Death Do Us Part, help Alma find her husband.
Ico Quest Out of Control, deal with the maleficars in Amaranthine.
Ico Quest Rumblings From Beneath, look into the ominous rumblings beneath the city.
Ico Quest Keep Out of Reach of Children, help the merchant guild keep poison out of children's reach.

Lair of the Mother Edit

Ico Quest Crystals of the Imperium, activate all the Tevinter towers.
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