Shriek alphas are deadly combatants on the battlefield. Their ability to use stealth to sneak behind enemy lines and cause havoc has earned them the reputation of the "darkspawn assassins". They live up to their title, as their ambushes have turned the tide of battle many times.


The shriek alpha emerged about the same time as their lesser kin, the shriek, although they are more intelligent, and therefore possess more power and influence over the regular shrieks. During a Blight, they lead their kin into battle, preferring ambush over a straight attack. Needless to say, they are utterly loyal to the Archdemon, and can prove frightening on the battlefield. Shrieks are actually called "sharlocks", but they are known as shrieks due to their ear piercing scream in combat.

Unlike other alphas, the shriek alpha will charge in with the rest of them, preferring straight combat to a safe distance.


Skl ico stealth 1 Stealth
Talent-MarkofDeath icon Mark of Death
Shriek Frenzy Frenzy
Shriek Terrorize Terrorize


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