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{{DAOSpoiler|Shrieks are born from [[Broodmothers]] who were once female elves.}}
{{DAOSpoiler|Shrieks are born from [[Broodmothers]] who were once female elves.}}

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Scholars call these tall, lean darkspawn the sharlock, though they are more popularly known as shrieks because of the ear-splitting cries they emit in battle. Many tales exist of soldiers being unnerved by the sounds of approaching shrieks, cloaked in darkness and never seen until the moment they strike. As horrors of the night, shrieks are renowned for their incredible speed and agility as well as their stealth. They are the assassins of the darkspawn, penetrating the enemy lines and striking their targets using long, jagged blades attached to their forearms to rip their opponent to shreds in seconds. They have been known to employ poison, often drawn from their own blood, and have demonstrated cunning group tactics when attacking in numbers.
—From Codex entry: Shriek


  • Stealth - They can attack by surprise, suddenly appearing from seemingly nowhere.
  • Terrorize - The shriek emits a haunting scream, stunning all enemies within the area and leaving them vulnerable to attack. In packs, shrieks will use this ability in succession, creating a chain of stuns by which they can overwhelm an entire party.
  • Frenzy -





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