Shirallas is a Dalish elf and associate of the Blue Wraith.

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BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith Edit

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Around 9:40-9:41 Dragon[1], Shirallas and his associate Fenris, now known as the Blue Wraith, free elven slaves bound for the estate of Magister Nenealeus, near the Arlathan Forest. Shirallas thinks the magister wants the slaves trained as mage-killers, and volunteers to pose as one of them to learn those skills. Fenris dismisses the idea; Shirallas unhappily complies.

A year later, despite Fenris' previous objections, Shirallas infiltrates a slave shipment bound for Nenealeus' estate. When Nenealeus inspects the slaves, he notes Shirallas' vallaslin, and correctly deduces that Shirallas inserted himself into his shipment in hopes of becoming a mage-killer. He takes Shirallas for training, promising to break his spirit, and orders the other slaves killed.

Three years later, Shirallas has become a mage-killer and is working for Nenealeus. He takes Magister Invidus from Fort Viridan, as Nenealeus needs his expertise on red lyrium. They plan to use the sarcophagus Cedric Marquette retrieved from Carastes to infuse Shirallas with red lyrium, as Magister Danarius did on Fenris before. As such, Shirallas accompanies Nenealeus to meet with Marquette's caravan. When Fenris finally catches up to the caravan and starts to question him, Shirallas cuts him off to say that he's close to possessing the power he originally sought, one that humans can't handle. He unleashes one of the humans the sarcophagus was used on, an unstable test subject that explodes near Fenris and buys the caravan enough time for Shirallas, Nenealeus, and Marquette to escape on to Tenebris.

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