Shimmer Stone Mine is located in the Western Approach; the mine is known for being one of the seven archdemon's eternal slumber locations.

Background[edit | edit source]

Before the mine's collapse, the Grey Wardens entered the Deep Roads here and found an unnamed thaig. They believed that the thaig was refuge to one of the remaining known Archdemons. The deeper the Wardens went into the earth, the louder the archedemon's call became. The Wardens pushed onward, focused and determined to hunt down that which calls to them. The further down into to the earth they delved the more dangerous the rock surrounding them became. The Archdemon's relentless calling forced them to continue despite the heavy casualties sustained from the ongoing cave-ins. The Wardens had finally reached a potential point of no return; what lay dormant was almost within their grasp. However, the cost of the venture proved to pricey as there were not enough Wardens left standing to take down the Archdemon and prevent it's upcoming reign of terror destined to be another Blight —forcing the Wardens to return to the surface, destiny unfulfilled.[1]

So close. We nearly reached him. Made it down to what looked like a dwarven thaig where the song was actually audible, real and thrumming through the air, not just in our heads. It rattled through the lyrium pillars and shook the earth beneath our feet to its dreadful tempo. We lost thirty men in the last cave-in, and the Warden-Commander is abandoning the mission. I tried to argue for one last push, but the rock is too unstable down there. We'll have to find another Archdemon somewhere more solid.

It is unknown if the Archdemon referenced in the Warden's Logbook was one of the five Archdemons already awakened by 9:41 Dragon, or if the text was specifically referring to Lusacan, the Dragon of Night, as Lusacan is one of only two remaining Old Gods known by the Wardens to still be imprisoned underground by the Maker.

Following the defeat of Urthemiel in the Fifth Blight, Lusacan and Razikale are the final two Old Gods waiting to be corrupted. Both in line patiently waiting to be ascended and transformed into the next Archdemon to commence the Sixth Blight. However, the aforementioned note from the logbook does confirm the Archdemnon in question was a male thus inferring it could not have been in reference to Razikale, the only known female Old God.[2]

Lusacan, yet to be unearthed, eagerly waiting to be corrupted by the darkspawn; dormant and ready, yearning to spread the next wrecking ...

"Lusacan, the Dragon of Night, calls to you. He lives where it is darkest and waits for the day he will rise. Drink of his blood and know the power in darkness: either fear the Night or wield it."[3]

Involvement[edit | edit source]

The Inquisitor can find a Warden logbook describing an unknown Grey Warden's experience at the mine, and his regret over not being able to reach the Archdemon. By 9:41 Dragon, the mine is completely collapsed and covered in lava.

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References[edit | edit source]

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