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Shield heraldry is a new type of consumable item in Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. A number of heraldries applicable to shields can be purchased from most of the merchants for 60Silver, with an exception of Antivan Crows heraldry that costs 55Silver. They can be applied from the inventory by using the radial menu, making the character's shield adorned with the respective design. Not only is this a new way to customize characters, but each heraldry also grants a significant attribute bonus. Once applied it cannot be removed, it can only be replaced by reapplying another heraldry.


Name Enhancements Acquisition
Heraldry: Templars +3 to all attributes H primalora 0
Heraldry: Legion of the Dead +20 to all attributes H legofdeda 0
Heraldry: Grey Wardens +3 to all attributes H greywrada 0
Heraldry: Bear's Paw +3 to all attributes H ursusbara 0
Heraldry: Dragon's Peak Bannorn +3 to all attributes H luscana 0
Heraldry: Cross +3 to all attributes H THOTHa 0
Heraldry: Cousland +3 to all attributes H aoamarana 0
Heraldry: City of Amaranthine +3 to all attributes H teyrncoua 0
Heraldry: Antivan Crows +3 to all attributes H calcrowsa 0
Heraldry: Aeducan +3 to all attributes H hseofauda 0


  • pcpcps3ps3xbox360xbox360 The Templar Heraldry will turn into the Redcliffe Heraldry when applied to a shield.