Shield Mastery is a warrior talent from the Shield Block tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

The character has mastered the use of the shield for both offense and defense, and receives additional benefits when using various Weapon & Shield abilities.

  • Shield Bash: The attribute bonus is added a second time, but does not scale with criticals. Shields do 5-0 base damage, have an attribute scale factor of 1, and attribute damage is randomized in the range [0.25:0.5], effectively scaling the same as a dual-wielded longsword, but with a different base damage.
  • Shield Pummel: Attribute bonus is added to each attack as with Shield Bash.
  • Assault: Weapon damage rolls (not attribute) are always maximized.
  • Overpower: Weapon damage rolls (not attribute) are always maximized. Due to a bug in shield damage, this forces Overpower to deal a "maximum" base damage of 0 with each strike, actually reducing the damage dealt.
  • Shield Defense: +5 Defense.
  • Shield Wall: +10 Defense.
  • Shield Cover: +10 Missile Deflection.

Notes Edit

  • Activation base is in Stamina and values vary with fatigue%.

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