Sharper White Claws is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

The White Claws won't be happy that their traps were destroyed. Senior raiders will likely investigate, providing an ideal moment to take them out.

Acquisition Edit

The quest is given by Frederic after completing Hunting Patterns.

Walkthrough Edit

Find and destroy five traps, the White Claws were using to – unsuccessfully – bait the Abyssal High Dragon. They are laid out in the Wastes, the southernmost region of the Western Approach, around the plain with the stone pillars and large wall ruins. From where you get the quest, Frederic near the Nazaire's Pass Camp, just follow the path south and then search the area.

Shortly after the last trap is destroyed, a group of White Claws will rush in and attack. It consists of some level 13 Raiders and Escorts (archers and foot soldiers), and a level 15 White Claw Poacher Leader, the elite-ranked equivalent to the usual Footpad (prowler). Defeat them and return to Frederic to complete the quest.

Note: To prevent a bug it is advised to return to Frederic and tell him, "the raiders are dead," before proceeding with the related hunt for a Manuscript of Some Authority.

Once the raiders have been dealt with and also the translated manuscript has been delivered to Frederic, he sends the Inquisitor on a dragon hunt.

Rewards Edit

  • 967 XP
  • 200 Influence
  • 2 Power

Bugs Edit

  • If both quests, Sharper White Claws and a Manuscript of Some Authority, have been advanced to the point where they can eventually be turned in to Frederic, i.e. the raiders are dead and the dragon text has been translated, the latter quest will take precedence, and the dialogue option to tell of the dead raiders vanishes. Sharper White Claws will remain incomplete – without reward and under "Current Quests" in the journal. Frederic, however, assumes the raiders have been dealt with and hands out the next quest.

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