Shards in Frostback Basin is a shard collection from the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Oculara and Shards icon

Search for any shards scattered around Frostback Basin.

Acquisition Edit

Obtained by interacting with any of the three oculara in the region.

Walkthrough Edit

Interact with all 3 oculara, and collect the 12 shards revealed.

Rewards Edit

Collecting all 12 shards yields:

  • Influence 500

Results Edit

  • Allows for the opening of the The Mystery of Winter locked door in the Frostback Basin.
  • If shards have been obtained from the other areas, interacting with the Mystery of Winter locked door will allow access. However doing so will require all shards to be collected from the Frostback Basin in order to progress the following six side quests in the Forbidden Oasis:
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