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A Shambling Corpse is an undead being possessed by a sloth demon. True to their wellspring, they will debilitate opponents by casting Weakness prior to charging.


The shambling corpse, controlled by a demon of sloth, causes its enemies to become weak and fatigued.


Dragon Age: Origins[]

Senior Mage Quarters Senior Mage Quarters (Kinloch Hold)
The Great Hall The Great Hall (Kinloch Hold)
A Nightmare A Nightmare (Fade)
Redcliffe Castle Redcliffe Castle

Dragon Age: Awakening[]

Blackmarsh Undying Blackmarsh Undying

Golems of Amgarrak[]

Amgarrak Thaig Amgarrak Thaig

Abilities & Skills[]

Weakness Weakness


Corpse archer
Devouring corpse
Putrid Devouring corpse[1]
Enraged corpse
Ravenous Enraged corpse[1]
Harvested corpse[2]
Mangled corpse[2]
Shambling corpse
Desiccated Shambling corpse[1]
Walking corpse

Codex entries[]

Codex entry: Corpse Codex entry: Corpse


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