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* Shale's character and attitude towards “fleshy creatures” is similar to the hunter-killer droid HK-47 from an earlier Bioware game, [[Wikia:c:starwars:Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic|Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic]]. HK-47 refers to organics as “meatbags” and also comments on how their organic nature makes them weak.
* Shale's character and attitude towards “fleshy creatures” is similar to the hunter-killer droid HK-47 from an earlier Bioware game, [[Wikia:c:starwars:Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic|Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic]]. HK-47 refers to organics as “meatbags” and also comments on how their organic nature makes them weak.
*Shale was to appear in the cut plot "Finding Shale" for ''[[Dragon Age II]]''. The plot was replaced with [[Finding Nathaniel]].<ref name=Gaider>Gaider, David [ Your Random Dragon Age Question?]
== Gallery ==
== Gallery ==

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The darkspawn are an evil that must be destroyed, it's true. Though not as evil as the birds... damnable feathered fiends!

Shale is a stone golem and potential companion in Dragon Age: Origins. It can be recruited from the town of Honnleath through The Stone Prisoner DLC.

Originally, Shale was to appear in the shipped version of the game as a recruitable character in the village of Redcliffe, but the golem and its associated quests were cut when developers wanted to concentrate on further polishing the game prior to the planned 2008 release date. When the release was pushed back to Q4 2009, Shale was rewritten and reintegrated as downloadable content.

The Stone Prisoner DLC was available as a free day one download for those who purchased original releases of either the Standard or Collector's Edition of the game. It is currently available for purchase for US$15 through Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Origin, or for free as part of the Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition.


Shale 1

Shale standing frozen in Honnleath.

Shale is one of the war golems created by Paragon Caridin to defend the dwarven thaigs against the darkspawn assault that began during the First Blight. As such, it has been a golem for almost 1000 years. However, Shale seems able to remember only the events of approximately the last 30 years, and its knowledge of what it did prior to that is mainly based on what it has heard from others.


Eventually, in the latter part of the Blessed Age, a deactivated Shale and its control rod were found by Wilhelm, a mage who was exploring various abandoned thaigs in the Deep Roads. Wilhelm reactivated the golem and, for many years, used it to his own ends: Shale became an object of study, a trophy, and, during the Orlesian occupation of Ferelden, a weapon for both Moira’s and Maric’s rebel forces.

After the war, Wilhelm settled in the village of Honnleath, taking Shale with him and continuing his study of the golem. While under Wilhelm’s control, Shale was experimented on, paraded around the village like a pet, and even chiseled down to a smaller size so that it might more easily fit through the doorways in Wilhelm’s home.

According to Wilhelm’s son, Matthias, Wilhelm was eventually found dead outside his tower, with a deactivated Shale standing frozen over his body. Though there were no witnesses to the event, Shale was believed to have killed him. In response to the mage’s seeming death at the golem’s hands, Shale’s control rod was sold to a merchant by Wilhelm’s wife, in the hopes that Shale would never be activated again.

But, though it was deactivated, the golem was still aware of its surroundings. Shale remained that way for decades, awake but unable to move (and, consequently, garnering a deep resentment of both the people and birds of Honnleath), until it was reactivated by the Warden.


The Stolen Throne

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

Shale appears in the novel Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne, under the control of Wilhelm and fighting in Maric's rebel army.

Dragon Age: Origins


Dragon Age: Asunder

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Asunder.

Shale appears in the novel Dragon Age: Asunder, accompanying Wynne to an abandoned Grey Warden outpost in Orlais where Pharamond, a Tranquil researcher and personal friend of Wynne's, is investigating the nature of the Rite of Tranquility. According to Wynne, Pharamond’s research might give insight into how to return Shale to its original female dwarven form. When Shale and Wynne arrive at the outpost, they find it overrun by demon-possessed corpses. As Wynne leaves to find help in Val Royeaux, Shale stays behind to ensure nothing escapes the outpost.


Main article: A Golem's Memories



Shale has a preference for "remarkable" gemstones. There is an issue with the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions which causes Shale to not give the standard +10 for the first gem; instead you receive +5, which decreases as usual, so that after receiving four of the gems, Shale seems uninterested in the others ("So I'm to keep this then, am I? Fine."), giving only +1 for the rest, giving a measly 18 approval for giving them all to Shale. Therefore, you have to rely on conversation and your actions to get higher approval.

If you have the Feastday Gifts and Pranks DLC, however, you might also compensate for this bug with the thoughtful gifts and sugar cakes available from Bodahn Feddic. No matter how many are given, a Thoughtful Gift is always worth Approves (+10), while a Sugar Cake is worth Approves (+5).

Name Notes Description

Tre ico amethyst
Remarkable Amethyst
Located: Alimar
A deep, clear purple stone.
Tre ico diamond
Remarkable Diamond
ps3Icon ps3xbox360Icon xbox360Can be purchased from Garin.
A brilliant cut, colorless stone.
Tre ico emerald
Remarkable Emerald
Located: Figor
This dark green gem has murky depths, like an overgrown pond.
Tre ico garnet
Remarkable Garnet
Unobtainable via normal means
A gem the shade of dried blood, dark red, nearly black.
Tre ico greenstone
Remarkable Greenstone
Blue-green stone with a pattern like a turtle's shell.
Tre ico malachite
Remarkable Malachite
Located: Circle Tower
This stone is patterned with odd bands and ripples of color, like the contents of a witch's cauldron.
Tre ico ruby
Remarkable Ruby
Deep red and nearly indestructible, these are prized by royalty.
Tre ico sapphire
Remarkable Sapphire
Located: Legnar
A star-cut sapphire, almost the color of the night sky.
Tre ico topaz
Remarkable Topaz
Located: Faryn
A brilliant gem the color of sunshine.
Shale&#039;s Talents

Shale's Talents

Initial statistics

See Companion Strategies for suggestions on how to develop Shale.
See Shale Talents for a list of its talents.

Relative attribute weightings on auto-level: strength 1.4, dexterity 0.25, willpower 0.5, magic 0, cunning 0.145, constitution 1.9

Starting abilities: pcIcon pc

Warrior: Powerful, Threaten, Precise Striking, Taunt

Shale: Pulverizing Blows, Slam, Quake, Stoneheart, Bellow, Rock Mastery (level 8), Hurl Rock (level 9)


Shale does not use conventional weapons or armor. Instead, much like Dog, the golem has two slots for specialized equipment:

  • Small Crystals, which act as weapons and appear on Shale’s wrists; they grant a bonus to the corresponding elemental attack damage, convert all damage to the crystal’s element type, and can (depending on their quality and type) grant bonuses to various attacks, attributes, and health/stamina regeneration.
  • Large Crystals, which act as armor and appear on Shale’s shoulders and legs; they grant a bonus to the corresponding elemental resistance and can (depending on their quality and type) grant bonuses to various defenses, attributes, and health/stamina regeneration.

There are a total of 50 different crystals: 25 small crystals, 25 large crystals. Both sizes of crystals come in each of the five elemental types and in five varying degrees of quality.

Equipping Shale with a small and large crystal of the same elemental type will grant an additional set bonus of +10% to the corresponding resistance.

Plot skills

As you befriend Shale and gain its approval, it will gain additional skills:

Skill Name Benefit Requirement
Inspired: Minor Strength +1 to Strength 25% approval
Inspired: Moderate Strength +2 to Strength 50% approval
Inspired: Major Strength +4 to Strength 75% approval
Inspired: Massive Strength +6 to Strength 90% approval

Note: These approval bonuses do NOT stack. Instead of 13 extra strength, you get 6.


File:Daorigins 20091128 18101214 display.jpg
Main article: Shale/Dialogue
  • (If removed from party) "Pigeon crap."
  • "The darkspawn are an evil that must be destroyed, it's true. Though not as evil as the birds... damnable feathered fiends!"
  • "I wonder what it is like to float...or drown."
  • (Battle cry) "Death to all pigeons!"
  • (If given one of the Remarkable Gems) "Oooh, Shiny!"
  • (When heavily injured after battle) "Oh look! I think I got chipped after that last fight!"
  • "I would appreciate it if it didn't spread around that I said anything. Humans might start to get the wrong idea. They might start thinking their race is not completely hopeless."
  • "Now, let us crush something soft and watch it fountain blood. That is a girlish thing to want to do, yes?"


  • Shale: "I see it found some augmentation crystals. I was not even aware it knew about them... well done! So? What does it think? They don't make me look any wider, do they? I find I am already too wide as it is."
  • The Warden: "No, no, they're quite slimming"
  • Shale: "They are, aren't they? I so adore them! I think it should find some more as soon as possible. I want to glitter from ear to ear... so to speak!"
  • Leliana: "You aren't all stone, Shale. There is a person inside of you."
  • Shale: "If so, it is because I ate him."



Shale's Concept Art

  • Shale mentions being chiseled down to a smaller size by Wilhelm at the behest of his wife, who complained that the golem couldn't fit through the doors of their home. This refers to difficulties the developers had with getting Shale to fit through many of the game's doorways when they used the original golem graphical model for it. (You can see a full-sized version of Shale during its nightmare in the Fade.)
  • At Soldier's Peak (after Levi has set up shop), birds will migrate towards Shale and follow it around.
  • The description of the Renewed Assault talent refers to “Stona Aura,” instead of “Stone Aura.”
  • To capture the ambiguity of Shale's gender, the voice actress’s already gravelly voice was pitch-shifted down to sound deeper and more masculine.[1]
  • The film The Princess Bride is referenced twice in dialogue involving Shale:
    • Before the final battle, if Shale is being left behind, its parting statement to the Warden will be “Have fun storming the castle.”
    • If Shale is the Warden's champion at the Landsmeet, Loghain says, “I think the odds might be slightly in his favor at a test of strength.”
  • Shale is referenced twice in Dragon Age II:
    • Corff the Bartender indirectly references Shale when he mentions that “the pigeon population has taken a nose dive in Ferelden.”
    • During the epilogue, a picture of Shale chasing some chickens appears on one of the flipping pages of Cassandra's book.
  • If you complete its personal quest, Shale’s codex entry says it became a golem “300 years earlier,” presumably 300 years earlier than the current events in the game. However, if Shale was made by Caridin, this cannot be the case.
  • Shale's character and attitude towards “fleshy creatures” is similar to the hunter-killer droid HK-47 from an earlier Bioware game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. HK-47 refers to organics as “meatbags” and also comments on how their organic nature makes them weak.

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